Press Releases for Telecity Group

September 26, 2011   

TelecityGroup acquires UK Grid to fulfil growth requirements

August 8, 2011   

TelecityGroup acquires leading Irish data centre operator Data Electronics

August 8, 2011   

Telecity Group plc results for the six months ended 30 June 2011

July 11, 2011   

France-IX étend son réseau au site Condorcet de TelecityGroup

July 11, 2011   

France-IX extends network to TelecityGroup’s Condorcet facility in Paris

June 28, 2011   

SSE Telecoms partners with TelecityGroup for new Manchester 3 facility

June 22, 2011   

iland Europe selects TelecityGroup for European cloud service launch

June 6, 2011   

TelecityGroup CEO Michael Tobin receives ‘Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution to the Data Centre Industry’ at the 2011 Data Centres in Europe Awards

June 2, 2011   

TelecityGroup recognised by European Commission for EU Code of Conduct leadership

June 2, 2011   

TelecityGroup shortlisted as a UK representative for the European Business Awards

May 26, 2011   

Hardware Intercity Zakelijk onder gebracht bij TelecityGroup

May 26, 2011   

Intercity Zakelijk calls on TelecityGroup

May 25, 2011   

TelecityGroup recertified for ISO 9001 and 27001 standards

May 9, 2011   

Interim Management Statement

March 23, 2011   

Level 3 Expands Scandinavian Connectivity with TelecityGroup

December 23, 2010   

TelecityGroup’s Environmental Leadership Recognised at Data Centre Leaders Awards 2010

December 8, 2010   

New Amsterdam data centre

December 8, 2010   

TelecityGroup kondigt nieuw datacenter in Amsterdam aan

November 30, 2010   

Outsourcery selects TelecityGroup for unrivalled power availability to support cloud services roll-out

November 25, 2010   

TelecityGroup Amstel Business Park awarded the AMS-IX accreditation

November 25, 2010   

TelecityGroup Amstel Business Park ontvangt AMS-IX keurmerk

November 24, 2010   

TelecityGroup shortlisted for ‘Improved Data Centre Energy Efficiency’ category at 2010 Data Centre Leaders’ Awards

November 23, 2010   

TelecityGroup wins prestigious ‘Grant Thorton Mid-Cap Business of the Year’ Award at 2010 National Business Awards

November 2, 2010   

TelecityGroup announces further UK expansion

November 1, 2010   

Interim Management Statement

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