Press Releases for Huawei

May 13, 2013   

Huawei signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for OSS Interoperability Initiative (OSSii)

May 9, 2013   

CEO Ren Zhengfei: New Zealand is one of Huawei’s most important strategic markets

April 26, 2013   

Huawei Launches the Industry’s First 1T Router Line Card and 100T Cluster Router

April 26, 2013   


April 24, 2013   

Huawei Launches its BOOST Initiative, Furthering the Development of the Digital Society

April 23, 2013   

Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2013 Celebrates its 10th Year with Record Number of Analysts

April 18, 2013   

Huawei Leads in the Commercial Network Deployment of LTE 1800MHZ

April 17, 2013   

Huawei Unveils the Industry’s Largest-Split-Ratio eOTDR Prototype

April 17, 2013   

Huawei Brings a Broader Way to France

April 16, 2013   

Huawei Unveils New Products for its SDN-based Mobile Backhaul Solution

April 11, 2013   

Huawei Announces Open SDN Forwarding Plane Evolution Using Protocol-Oblivious Forwarding

April 11, 2013   

Huawei Marine achieve breakeven by year-end of 2012

April 9, 2013   

Huawei Successfully Completes World’s First Advanced Active Antenna System Trial with Deutsche Telekom in Germany

April 8, 2013   

Huawei Optimistic About Future of ICT, Expects Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10% over Next Five Years

April 1, 2013   

Rotating and Acting CEO Tenure Notice

April 1, 2013   

Notice on Rotating CEO Tenure

March 27, 2013   

Huawei and Swisscom Complete SONATE 100G WDM Upgrade

March 25, 2013   

Huawei Launches the Industry’s Largest Capacity BNG Board for Commercial Use

March 25, 2013   

Huawei Launches the Industry’s Largest Capacity BNG Board for Commercial Use

March 22, 2013   

Huawei Releases ATN 905 – the Industry’s First LTE Small Cell Router

March 20, 2013   

Huawei Unveils an Innovative All Optical Switching Network

March 18, 2013   

Huawei CouldEngine 12800 Series Data Center Switches Accomplished a Full Mesh Test, Demonstrating its Industry-Leading Forwarding Performance

March 13, 2013   

Huawei Launches Its First Global Network Evolution & Experience Center

March 7, 2013   

Huawei Announces Its First Appliance for SAP HANA®: Tecal RH5885 Underscores Huawei’s Dedication to Promoting Enterprise Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Development in Cooperation with Partners

March 5, 2013   

Huawei and Teltronic Enter Patent License Agreement for LTE

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