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Press Release -- February 24th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei SAP HANA® Appliance Makes Successive Breakthroughs in Europe

Barcelona, Spain, February 24th, 2014]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, attended the 2014 Mobile World Congress with its latest-generation RH5885 V3 server. The RH5885 V3 mission-critical solution features high reliability and performance, winning unanimous praise from the conference attendees.

Huawei grabbed people’s attention when it unveiled its flagship server RH5885 V3 at MWC 2014. The RH5885-based SAP HANA® won contracts from key clients in Europe as soon as it was launched. Huawei’s reputation for innovative technologies and openness to collaboration paved the way for its ascent in the server market, and in the third quarter of 2013 Huawei broke into the global Top 4 of server manufacturers.

Huawei SAP HANA® Appliance Makes Successive Breakthroughs in Europe

During the 2013 CeBIT expo, Huawei collaborated with SAP to launch the first ever SAP HANA®-certified and RH5885-based appliance solution. The solution accelerates real-time data analysis and processing, allowing enterprises to make quick decisions and create more agile services.

Huawei SAP HANA® appliance has made successive breakthroughs in Europe. An Italian retail giant Unicomm s.r.l accomplished their goal of providing instant online service responses and seamlessly transitioned into the new era of ICT with the help of Huawei SAP HANA® appliance. This successful project with Unicomm s.r.l attracted an increasing number of clients to Huawei SAP HANA® appliance. A Finland-based SAP Innovation Partner of the Year – Bilot -uses Huawei SAP HANA® appliance as its development platform.

The excellence of Huawei SAP HANA® appliance has demonstrated Huawei’s openness, collaboration, and innovation and helped advance Huawei’s long-held goals of being highly customer-centric and always going beyond its past triumphs. This helps explain why Huawei SAP HANA® appliance has gained popularity among its demanding and pragmatic European clients.

In the fourth quarter of 2013, Huawei worked with SAP to launch Huawei FusionCube and released the official FusionCube for HANA solution across the globe. FusionCube, with a distributed structure, is expandable, reliable, and practical, and provides users with one-stop delivery, household appliance-like installation, and fast deployment. With FusionCube, systems can be flexibly expanded, easily operated, and efficiently maintained.

The RH5885-based SAP HANA® appliance single-node solution and E9000-based FusionCube for HANA appliance multi-node solution fulfill various customer requirements and offer HANA solutions of flexibility, efficiency, and reliability.

Huawei Servers Break into Global Top 4

Huawei’s share of the server market shot up in the third quarter of 2013, launching Huawei into the global Top 4 of server manufacturers, one of Gartner’s latest reports indicated. This ranking demonstrated Huawei’s successful performance in the server market, its trajectory towards a leading position in server industry, and its efforts to provide valuable solutions for its partners.

Huawei has taken on the challenges posed by the top global carriers by producing high-quality technologies and services. Huawei’s service system integrates development, manufacturing, and delivery, and can quickly respond to customers’ requirements. With its competitive differentiation, Huawei stands out to meet the various customer requirements in the server domain. Driven by the trends of big data and cloud computing, Huawei’s innovative servers help customers set up future-proof IT infrastructures and smoothly transit to the new ICT era.

Meanwhile, Huawei launched three new-generation servers in Beijing: the 4-socket RH5885 V3 rack server, the 8-socket RH8100 V3 and the CH242 V3 compute node (for enterprises’ mission-critical applications) of the E9000 converged architecture blade server. RH5885H V3 was the first E7 v2 servers certified by SAP HANA. The performance of Huawei SAP HANA appliance solution will be greatly improved. We will offer more competitive and higher-value solutions for global customers.

MWC 2014 will be held in Barcelona from February 24 to 27. Huawei will showcase its latest products and solutions at Fira Gran Via Hall 1 and Hall 3. For more information, please visit

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