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Press Release -- February 20th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei unveils FastConnect series ODN products, the FTTH port installation time saving 86%

[Stockholm, Sweden, February 20, 2014]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today unveils its FastConnect series ODN products for outdoor user access points. Using Huawei-developed Pre-Connectorized drop cables and hardened connectors, these ODN products allow the home entry section to be deployed without splicing fibers. They support plug-and-play, minimize onsite operation complexity, and help operators quickly and efficiently deploy FTTH networks.

Deploying the FTTH home entry section using traditional ODN products can be difficult and time consuming. For example, splicing engineers and special splicing tools are required in scenarios where the ODN products need to be mounted on a wall or pole, or hung from an optical cable. For traditional ODN products, connecting each port takes about 35 minutes. For Huawei FastConnect series ODN products, connecting each port takes only 5 minutes. The FastConnect series ODN products support plug-and-play and do not require fiber splicing when deploying the home entry section. Therefore, no special splicing tools or splicing engineers are required.

The FastConnect series ODN products adopt hardened connector that is designed and developed by Huawei using aviation plug connection technology. The connectors feature:

  • An IP68 rating, meaning that the connectors can be immersed under 3.5 m of water for two consecutive days
  • Vibration protection and a tight lock mechanism
  • Well-protected ferrule design
  • Insertion guidance that prevents incorrect insertion
  • Adaptation to temperatures ranging from –40ºC to +70ºC
  • Quick installation, easy use, and low insertion loss

The Huawei FastConnect series ODN products not only minimize the security risks and damage to fiber links during fiber network design, engineering, and usage, but also ensure device and human safety and reduce onsite engineering time and devices. The FastConnect series ODN products are high-end Huawei products. They can resolve operators’ pain spots in the deployment of FTTH home entry section. To date, Huawei has provided ODN products for world leading operators.

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