Press Releases for Huawei

April 13, 2021   

Huawei: Strive with Partners to Create New Value Together for All Industries

April 12, 2021   

Huawei: Optimizing portfolio to boost business resilience and navigate a challenging environment

April 7, 2021   

China Telecom Xiamen and Huawei Enabled 8K VR Broadcast of Xiamen University’s 100th Anniversary Celebrations Through 5G Super Uplink

April 7, 2021   

HarmonyOS: Connecting to a Simpler Life

April 2, 2021   

China Mobile and Huawei Help Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Become World-Leading

April 1, 2021   

Notice on Rotating Chairman Tenure

April 1, 2021   

Huawei releases its 2020 Annual Report

March 30, 2021   

The World’s First 5G Indoor Positioning — Verified by China Mobile Suzhou and Huawei

March 25, 2021   

Huawei Intelligent OptiX Network Earns Three International Awards for Technical Innovation

March 23, 2021   

MTN’s Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Awards Huawei ‘Best Account Management Performance – 2020’ to Show 20 Years of Strategic Mutual Trust

March 17, 2021   

HUAWEI IdeaHub Board Launched for Smart Office and Education

March 16, 2021   

Huawei Releases White Paper on Innovation and Intellectual Property 2020

March 9, 2021   

Huawei Thailand Receives Prestigious Prime Minister Award as Digital International Corporation of the Year

March 8, 2021   

HUAWEI Women Developers Program Drives Technological Innovation

March 5, 2021   

Single Voice Core – Best Choice Facilitating Voice Network Evolution

March 4, 2021   

Huawei’s 5G Private Network Project Wins 2021 Market Development Award

March 4, 2021   

Huawei and China Mobile Guangdong Piloted 5G Indoor Distributed Massive MIMO

March 3, 2021   

Huawei’s 5G Super Uplink Wins GTI 2021 Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award

March 3, 2021   

Huawei and Industry Partners Set up a 5GDN Joint Innovation Lab

March 3, 2021   

Huawei and Industry Partners Jointly Unveil 5GDN@Smart Grid White Paper II

February 25, 2021   

Huawei and Industry Partners Jointly Unveil the Edge Native Technical Architecture White Paper 1.0

February 24, 2021   

Huawei’s New Capabilities of the Intelligent Cloud Network Solution Accelerate Carriers’ Transformation to DICT Services

February 24, 2021   

China Mobile and Huawei Jointly Released 5G New Calling Solution

February 24, 2021   

Xinyan Coal Mine, Shanxi Mobile, and Huawei Launch 5GtoB PNI-NPN Kite-like Solution

February 24, 2021   

Huawei’s OptiX SuperSite Empowers High-Speed Access into the Digital World

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