Press Releases for Huawei

October 10, 2020   

Huawei Signs MoUs with Partners to Boost 5G Deterministic Networking Industry Development

September 30, 2020   

Notice on Rotating Chairman Tenure

September 28, 2020   

China Unicom and Huawei Field Test the World’s First 5G Microwave IBT Antenna Solution in Inner Mongolia

September 28, 2020   

Huawei Launches ADN Solution for Enterprises, Bringing Intelligent Connectivity Within Reach

September 26, 2020   

Huawei Fully Upgrades Its All-Scenario Intelligent Connectivity Solutions to Accelerate Industry Digital Transformation

September 25, 2020   

Huawei, Sunline Jointly Launch Contactless Digital Loan One Box Solution

September 24, 2020   

Huawei Announces Intelligent Twins and Works with Partners for All-Scenario Intelligence

September 22, 2020   

Huawei: Creating New Value with Synergy Across Five Tech Domains

September 22, 2020   

Huawei and Intel Jointly Launch the Next-Gen FusionServer Pro V6 Intelligent Server

September 17, 2020   

Huawei’s Peng Song: NetX 2025 Facilitates Operators’ Business Success

September 10, 2020   

Huawei and China Unicom Verified Industry’s First Distributed Massive MIMO Innovation

September 10, 2020   

Huawei Bill Tang:Reliable and Trusted Service Partner at All Times

September 9, 2020   

Huawei’s 5G Telco Converged Cloud (TCC) Solution Won 5G World 2020 Award

September 9, 2020   

Huawei Won “Most Innovative 5G Enterprise Partnership/Trial” for Joint Wuhan 5G Smart Anti-Epidemic Project

September 9, 2020   

Huawei’s Ryan Ding: Maximize Network Value, Enable Commercial Success

September 8, 2020   

Innovative Microwave Solutions Proposed at Huawei 5G Microwave Asia-Pacific Conference for Heavy-Rain Regions

September 8, 2020   

Official Commercial Release of Huawei AirPON for Agile FMC Access

September 4, 2020   

Huawei CloudEngine Data Center Switches Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm

September 2, 2020   

Huawei and Industry Partners Jointly Release the 5GDN@Smart Grid White Paper

September 2, 2020   

Huawei Deterministic Networking Oriented 5G MEC Solution Awarded Best Edge Computing at the 5G World Summit

August 24, 2020   

Huawei 5G: Passes GSMA’s Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme

August 20, 2020   

China Telecom Shenzhen and Huawei Launch World’s First 5G “Super Uplink + Downlink CA” Pilot Site

August 18, 2020   

Huawei Triumphs at the Frost & Sullivan Awards with Continuous Leadership in Intelligent Collaboration

August 17, 2020   

Huawei’s Guo Ping: Synergy Across Five Major Tech Domains to Make Shenzhen a Global Digital Showcase City

August 11, 2020   

5G Digital Support System Catalyst Demonstrates Latest Achievements at TM Forum Catalyst Digital Showcase Summit

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