Press Releases for Huawei

June 2, 2020   

Huawei Grants MQ4/MQ5 RF Cluster Connector Patent Licenses to Industry Partners

May 28, 2020   

Huawei Announces the Next-Gen OceanStor Pacific Series, Setting a New Benchmark for Mass Data Storage

May 27, 2020   

Huawei Launches its Carrier Consulting Services to Create Multi-dimensional Value for Customers

May 26, 2020   

China Mobile Tianjin and Huawei Complete World’s First Commercial Use of NG OTN Premium Private Lines

May 22, 2020   

5G Easy Macro Enables China Mobile Shanghai and Huawei to Build 5G Premium Networks in Yu Garden

May 22, 2020   

CableFree: Huawei Achieves New Breakthroughs in Antenna Design for 5G

May 22, 2020   

Huawei Releases 5G B2B Services Experience Standards White Paper

May 20, 2020   

Huawei Enterprise BG Joins Ecosystem Partners to Scale New Heights in Industry Digitization

May 20, 2020   

5GDN Takes Industry Digital Transformation to New Heights

May 20, 2020   

Huawei Continuously Innovates to Meet the Demands for Diversified Computing Power

May 20, 2020   

Huawei Releases ADN Solution White Paper and Joins Hands with the Industry to Accelerate Intelligent Network Upgrades

May 19, 2020   

Huawei Advances Computing Strategy and Industry Ecosystem Initiatives

May 19, 2020   

Huawei: 5G Simplification and Convergence Enable Full-Service Business Success for Operators

May 19, 2020   

Huawei Intelligent IP Networks, Accelerating Intelligent Connectivity

May 19, 2020   

ETSI, China BDA, Altice Portugal and Huawei Launch Global Industry Initiative toward F5G to Develop a Thriving Fixed Network Industry

May 18, 2020   

Entel Peru and Huawei Verify TDD Ultra-Large Cell Capacity to Drive Home Broadband Development

May 18, 2020   

Huawei: A Year and Beyond

May 16, 2020   

Entel Peru and Huawei verify TDD ultra-large cell capacity to drive home broadband development

May 14, 2020   

China Mobile Guangdong and Huawei Announce First Enterprise Private Line Service Based on NG OTN

May 13, 2020   

ERNW Reviews Source Code for Huawei 5G Core Network UDG, Finds It Is of Good Quality

May 7, 2020   

Huawei, Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics, Welcome the Release of a New Video Coding Standard

April 30, 2020   

MediaTek and Huawei Complete 5G Super Uplink Interoperability Testing

April 30, 2020   

China Mobile and Huawei Deliver World’s Highest 5G

April 29, 2020   

China Unicom (Beijing) and Huawei Jointly Release Industry’s First eAI-accelerated Education Broadband to Reshape Online Home Education Experience in F5G Era

April 28, 2020   

Huawei Launches the Storage Server of Tomorrow-The Next-Gen FusionServer Pro 2298 V5

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