Press Releases for Huawei

May 12, 2022   

Huawei Releases Green and Low-Carbon Strategy for Data Storage

May 9, 2022   

Pakistani PM Sharif Strengthens Ties with Huawei

May 5, 2022   

Thai Students Receive ICT Training from ITU and Huawei

April 27, 2022   

Huawei Proposes “1+1+N” 5.5G to Deepen Digital, Intelligent Transformation

April 27, 2022   

Huawei Releases the Green Development 2030 Report

April 26, 2022   

China Mobile Sichuan and Huawei Jointly Carry out 5G 3CC CA Verifications

April 26, 2022   

Attracting World-Class Talent with World-Class Challenges, and Innovating Nonstop for a Greener Intelligent World

April 15, 2022   

Winners of Huawei Cloud Spark Hackathon Singapore 2022 Announced

April 7, 2022   

Huawei Receives Sustainable Development Best Practice Award from UNGC Network China

March 31, 2022   

Notice on Rotating Chairman Tenure

March 30, 2022   

Notice on Rotating Chairman Tenure

March 28, 2022   

Huawei Releases 2021 Annual Report: Solid Operations, Investing in the Future

March 22, 2022   

Zain Group Signs MoU with Huawei to Accelerate 5.5G Innovation

March 16, 2022   

Singapore’s IMDA Awards Huawei Int’l Data Protection Trustmark Certification

March 15, 2022   

Huawei, China Unicom, Partners Announce 5G Private Network PLUS Achievements

March 10, 2022   

EasyAccess expansion and new 10GE pricingHuawei, China Mobile, and Industry Partners Unveil 5G-Advanced Technology Evolution White Paper 2.0

March 7, 2022   

Huawei Helps Zain KSA Launch the First 5G LAN in MENA

March 7, 2022   

Huawei iMaster MAE, China Mobile Anhui Showcase New High-Efficiency 5G Networks

March 4, 2022   

Huawei Proposes Joint Standardization of Energy Efficiency Assessment

March 4, 2022   

TIM Brasil and Huawei Sign MoU to Transform Curitiba into the Country’s First ‘5G City’

March 4, 2022   

Huawei’s TECH4ALL DigiTruck Project Wins GSMA GLOMO Award

March 3, 2022   

Huawei Launches 50 Gbps E-band Solution to Scale Up 5G Deployment

March 3, 2022   

China Unicom, Health Commission of Hainan Province, and Huawei Jointly Won the Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Human Award

March 3, 2022   

Telenor and Huawei Build Energy-efficient Antenna Showcase, Forging New Path to Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

March 2, 2022   

Optimal Network Performance and Energy Efficiency for 5Gigaverse & 5Green

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