Press Releases for Huawei

July 14, 2023   

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa officially opens Huawei Innovation Centre, describing it as a boost for local innovation

July 13, 2023   

Huawei announces royalty rates for its patent license programs

July 12, 2023   

Joining Hands with Partners to Promote Industrial Digitalization in Africa

July 11, 2023   

Huawei hosts challenge to develop machine learning models that cut energy consumption of base stations

July 6, 2023   

Prestigious science journal Nature publishes paper about Pangu Weather AI Model authored by HUAWEI CLOUD researchers

July 3, 2023   

China Mobile and Huawei Unveil Industry’s First “0 Bit, 0 Watt” Energy Saving Innovations

July 3, 2023   

Without digital skills, economies will struggle to take flight

June 30, 2023   

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei Present Achievements of 5G Capital Innovation Project in 2023

June 28, 2023   

Huawei and Quality Tech S.R.L enter into Licensing Deal

June 28, 2023   

Huawei Launched 5GigaGreen Innovations to Promote Ultimate Network Performance and Energy Saving

June 28, 2023   

Huawei Releases Innovative Practices of IntelligentCore, Fast-Tracking 5G Business Success

June 28, 2023   

Huawei at MWC Shanghai 2023: Boosting 5G Evolution Towards 5.5G to Revitalize the Digital Economy

June 28, 2023   

Huawei Launches Four Intelligent OptiX Innovative Practices of F5.5G, Accelerating 10Gbps Take-off

June 28, 2023   

Huawei’s Sabrina Meng: Embracing 5G transformation

June 28, 2023   

Huawei Releases Innovations and Practices with Its Digital Managed Network Solution, Inspiring New B2B Service Growth for Carriers

June 27, 2023   

Valencia welcomes top female talent for a week of intense digital and leadership training

June 27, 2023   

Investing in sustainability boosts telecoms industry bottom line, new GSMA study shows

June 26, 2023   

Huawei Thailand Wins Prime Minister Award as the “Best of Contributor in Human Capital Development Award”

June 26, 2023   

Huawei Thailand Held the First ‘Women in Tech’ Roadshow on International Women in Engineering Day

June 26, 2023   

Huawei’s 15th User Group Meeting: Listen – Collaborate – Develop – Improve

June 19, 2023   

Huawei kicks off 2023 Tech Arena Competitions in Europe

June 16, 2023   

UNIDO Announces AI Alliance with Huawei and global partners to help Industries Go Digital

June 14, 2023   


June 9, 2023   

Huawei, 3GPP, and International Partners Launch a 5G-Advanced Core Promotion Initiative

June 7, 2023   

CAICT, Huawei, and Industry Partners Launch a New Calling Industry Cooperation Initiative

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