Press Releases for Huawei

June 27, 2019   

Huawei releases white paper on intellectual property

June 27, 2019   

Huawei and More Than 30 Industry Partners Establish an Industry Alliance and an Industry Innovation Base for 5G Deterministic Networking

June 27, 2019   

Service innovation: Accelerating 5G development

June 27, 2019   

MWC Shanghai 2019: Huawei Empowers Global Operators to Lead in the 5G Era

June 25, 2019   

Ryan Ding from Huawei: Industries + 5G, Enabling New Growth

June 25, 2019   

Huawei’s Yang Chaobin: 5G is ON, Keep Innovating to Realize Large-Scale 5G Commercialization

June 13, 2019   

Huawei Wins “Best 5G Core Network Technology” Award at 5G World Summit

June 11, 2019   

Huawei and TIME Malaysia Sign MOU for 10G PON Ultra-Broadband Access Network Pilot

May 29, 2019   

Huawei calls on U.S. to adjust its approach to tackle cybersecurity effectively

May 29, 2019   

Dr. Song Liuping’s Statement at the Huawei Press Conference on May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019   

Glen D. Nager’s Statement at the Huawei Press Conference on May 29, 2019

May 23, 2019   

Huawei Wins Best All Rounder Award at the 21st Next Generation Optical Networking Event

May 21, 2019   

Huawei’s ON2.0 Leads the Commercial Use of All-Optical Networks in Partnership with Operators Worldwide

May 16, 2019   

“Digital Platform” Enables Smart Civil Aviation Construction

May 16, 2019   

The World’s First Launch of 5G+Five-Star Shopping Mall

May 16, 2019   

Huawei to Invest 35 million Euros in Paris OpenLab

May 15, 2019   

Huawei Launches AI-Native Database

May 14, 2019   

UK partners celebrate 18 years of success of working with Huawei

May 9, 2019   

Huawei Hosted the First Flash Forum in China, Announcing Framework of Application-Aware Storage

May 9, 2019   

CCTV, China Mobile and Huawei Jointly Complete First 4K Live Streaming on 5G Dual-Band Convergent Network

May 9, 2019   

All-Optical Networks Will Drive Innovation in Ultra-HD Video Services

May 8, 2019   

Orange Performs the First AI (Artificial Intelligence) Test with Huawei on Its DWDM Network in Spain following a real test with 400Gbps

April 29, 2019   

China Telecom and Huawei Make 5G Shine at Beijing Expo 2019

April 28, 2019   

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Meets with the Founder of Huawei in Beijing

April 27, 2019   

Czech President Welcomes Huawei’s Participation in 5G Deployment

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