Press Releases for Huawei

November 9, 2011   

Forecast for the digital future: more clouds This forecast was brought to you by Huawei, a proud sponsor of the Global Forum 2011

November 9, 2011   

Huawei and Beltelecom Successfully Test 100G Coherent Transmission on Beltelecom’s Live Network

November 8, 2011   

Huawei Introduces Its Next-Generation Green Modular Data Centers

November 8, 2011   

Huawei successfully demonstrated RCS-e on GSMA Rich Communications Ecosystem Euro Summit

November 8, 2011   


November 7, 2011   

Huawei’s Small Cell Solution Wins Award for “Best New Network Infrastructure Solution” at 4G World

November 4, 2011   

Statement Regarding Inaccurate and Misleading Claims about Huawei’s Commercial Operations in Iran

November 2, 2011   

Huawei: Closer Cooperation among Governments, Industry and other Cyberspace Stakeholders will help Ensure Equal and Safe Broadband for All

October 31, 2011   

Huawei Hosts 2011 Cloud-Computing Conference in Shenzhen, China

October 28, 2011   

Huawei Wireless Growing up with Operators over Ten Years

October 27, 2011   

Huawei Gears Up for 100G Applications in Russia

October 25, 2011   

Huawei’s Strategy for Emerging Markets: Customer-Centric Innovation,Commitment to Local Partnerships, and Localized Operations

October 24, 2011   

Huawei Showcases Broadband Empowered ICT Services in ITU

October 20, 2011   

Huawei to Launch TV White Space LTE TDD System Trial

October 19, 2011   

Huawei and Rostelecom Successfully Complete Coherent 100G Trail on Rostelecom’s Live Network

October 18, 2011   

“Most Innovative Mobile Broadband Deployment” Award Recognizes Huawei’s Global Potential to Bridge Rural Digital Divides

October 14, 2011   

Huawei Announces Industry’s First Hybrid MPLS Prototype

October 13, 2011   

Huawei to Launch Industry First Multi-mode SON Solution

October 12, 2011   

Huawei Receives Three InfoVision Awards at Broadband World Forum Europe 2011

October 12, 2011   

Huawei Showcased Green Energy Solutions at INTELEC Conference

October 10, 2011   

Huawei Unveils World’s First 40G PON Prototype

October 10, 2011   

Baroness Wheatcroft, Brian McBride and Claudia Arney join Huawei’s UK advisory board

October 8, 2011   

Hellenic Telecommunications (OTE) Successfully Transformed to an IMS Based Next Generation Network Provided by Huawei

September 30, 2011   

Nextel Peru Unveils World’s First WCDMA Push-to-Talk Service

September 30, 2011   

Huawei and the Subscriber Profile User Group (SPUG) Hosted the Second Annual SDM & Policy Control Seminar in China

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