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Press Release -- July 24th, 2013
Source: Huawei

Huawei’s GNEEC Solution Helps Shanghai Telecom Realize Smooth Evolution of Its IPv6 MAN

Shanghai, China, July 24, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced today that the company has completed the IPv6 modernization of Shanghai Telecom’s MAN(Metropolitan Area Network), IDC(Integrated Date Center) bearer network, authentication, authorization, charging, domain name system (DNS), network management, and source tracing systems in a major target area. This upgrade was based on Huawei’s Global Network Evolution Experience Center (GNEEC) platform after a dozen cutovers. With this modernization, 400,000 family broadband network subscribers and Shanghai Telecom’s IDC equipment rooms can now access the Internet through the IPv6 network. With this achievement, Shanghai Telecom has become a leading player in IPv6 networking.

The IPv6 modernization is a very complex and systematic engineering process. Currently, the telecom industry does not have a complete set of technical specifications for network planning and design, cutover and verification, as well as O&M supporting teams. China Telecom chose Shanghai as the showcase city for deploying the next-generation Internet. This deployment faced a series of challenges that included requirements for rapid delivery, implementation of a complex network structure, and the ability to incorporate equipment from multiple vendors.

To minimize the rollout risks and reduce the impact of IPv6 modernization on live network services, Huawei leveraged its GNEEC platform to provide equipment performance verification, E2E service simulation and verification, remote cutover rehearsal for MV equipment, and quick O&M fault locating services. The GNEEC capabilities helped Shanghai Telecom successfully complete the transformation of its MAN, IDC bearer network, access network, supporting systems, and equipment from nearly 30 vendors. The resulting upgrade has laid a solid foundation for Shanghai Telecom’s IPv6 business.

“We found Huawei’s IPv6 technologies and platforms very impressive. The successful delivery of the IPv6 transformation project has dispelled our doubts about MV IP service evolution,” said Ma Ming, deputy O&M manager of Shanghai Telecom. “We really appreciate Huawei’s efforts in IPv6 transformation.”

The Huawei GNEEC is located in Zhongguancun, Beijing. This state-of-art facility covers an area of 1,500 square meters. The phase-1 GNEEC project has equipped the facility with an array of multi-generation end-to-end (E2E) network systems with more than 200 sets of equipment supplied by eight mainstream vendors. With the support of 80 full-time networking experts, the GNEEC can implement more than 300 nodes within four hours and execute E2E simulations of the data bearer network, wireless access network, fixed access network, business system, and OSS system. These capabilities enable the GNEEC to simulate and support the implementation of all important network evolutions across the globe. The GNEEC applies best-in-class resource management and automated patch cord management systems to avoid conflicts caused by parallel tests for multiple projects. These systems significantly reduce network setup time.

Currently, the Huawei GNEEC platform has been successfully applied in the phase1-3 IP bearer network construction project for China Mobile, the whole-network swap project for Spain OSP, and 22 other IP network evolution projects. With the popularization of IPv6 solutions such as Smart Home, Internet of Things (IOT), and Smart City, the Huawei GNEEC solution will play a vital role in the process of global IPv6 transformation.

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