Press Releases for netix

May 21, 2024   

NetIX Celebrates Milestone Achievement of 3Tbps

May 17, 2024   

Neterra Honored as the Greenest Telecommunications Company in Bulgaria

April 9, 2024   

Neterra Expands to Asia Pacific

January 11, 2024   

NetIX Doubles Its Capacity Across Europe

November 13, 2023   

NetIX and Telin’s Award-Winning Collaboration for Seamless Cross-Continent Connectivity

September 7, 2023   

Telin and NetIX Unveil a Strategic Partnership to Bolster their Presence in Global Markets

August 11, 2023   

NetIX adds three more IXPs to its network to improve its global presence

July 26, 2023   

NetIX combines its Thessaloniki and Athens exchanges to create NetIX Greece

June 1, 2023   

Lancom and NetIX launch partnership to expand and strengthen service availability across Greece

June 27, 2022   

Europe to Brazil in 60 milliseconds on the global distributed platform NetIX by Neterra

April 25, 2022   

NetIX and Epsilon strengthen partnership through network exchange making all locations and peering services available on Infiny

June 2, 2021   

71% of NetIX’s customers would recommend their services to colleagues or business partners

May 6, 2021   

NetIX upgrades its connection to DATAIX

April 22, 2021   

Neterra expands DIA service to 180+ countries

April 20, 2021   

NetIX upgrades its SpeedIX port and connectivity to 100G

March 3, 2021   

NetIX upgrades its AMS-IX port to 100G

February 16, 2021   

NetIX hits 1Tbps of peak traffic

February 3, 2021   

NetIX adds LONAP to its list of connected IXPs

October 6, 2020   

NetIX ramps up its presence, connectivity and activity across Brazil

September 2, 2020   

NetIX upgrades its Russian presence

March 11, 2019   

NJFX Interconnects LATAM and Europe with Global Partners

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