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Press Release -- February 16th, 2021
Source: netix

NetIX hits 1Tbps of peak traffic

Sofia, Bulgaria – 16th February 2021: NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions has set a new record for peak data throughput. Reaching 1 Terabits per second (1 Tbps – the equivalent to 1,000 Gbps), NetIX achieved and smashed this key milestone on the evening of February 3rd, the day before its inaugural members’ meeting, NetIX 1.0.

NetIX’s traffic has increased dramatically in a very short period of time; it was only in November when NetIX reached its then-record breaking traffic peak of 650 Gbps, then at the start of January this peak grew to 730 Gbps, and just one week later it increased by more than 100 Gbps to 850 Gbps. This new 1Tbps traffic peak has placed NetIX at number 24 of the top 25 Internet Exchanges based on traffic volume globally.

The rate of traffic expansion has made NetIX the fastest growing IXP in the world with average traffic levels doubling within 12 months.

During NetIX’s members’ meeting last week, Angel Gyurov, Chief Product Development Officer at NetIX and Neterra, addressed this exciting new landmark in NetIX’s history, “In 2020 we started developing NetIX’s services and expanding into new regions and our traffic simply sky-rocketed. Last night (3rd February 2021) NetIX joined the ‘Big Boy’s Club’, and hit 1Tb of peak traffic which has pushed us into the top 25 IXPs by traffic capacity globally.” He continued, “We believe we’ll be able to deliver, meet, and exceed all customer expectations and demands, and are ready to enter the top ten IXPs in the world, and then take on the challenge to push into the top five.”

NetIX’s platform has been designed to handle big spikes in traffic and withstand sudden and heavy-use. One fundamental belief that Neven Dilkov, Founder and CEO of NetIX, has is that the capacity of the NetIX network should be so big that even the biggest operators don’t feel limited by its capabilities.

The NetIX platform brings simplicity to network expansions via a single connection; NetIX is home to 140+ members, 30+ IXPs, and 8,000+ networks across 65 cities and any connected network can benefit by connecting to any peer or location using the same port.

Are you ready to improve your network using the NetIX platform? To discover more ways how NetIX and AMS-IX can improve your network, visit To speak to a member of the team about our services and solutions, please email the team:

About NetIX

Our next-generation network accelerates the Internet; we connect content creators with users faster, cheaper, and more directly than ever.

Our network stretches across more than 150 global data centres in 65 cities from 35 countries. It connects our 140+ members to content from 8,000+ visible networks, 30+ Internet Exchanges and reaches daily peaks of 1Tb of traffic throughput.

NetIX offers the best possible Internet connectivity: our members can directly exchange traffic with peers, giving their end-users faster page-load times on 90% of the most popular sites.

Our members include Internet service providers, broadcasters, telecoms operators, and content delivery networks – all the peers your tenants need to access!

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