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Press Release -- April 20th, 2021
Source: netix

NetIX upgrades its SpeedIX port and connectivity to 100G

Sofia, Bulgaria – 20th April 2021: NetIX, the leading global distributed platform for connectivity and peering solutions has upgraded its port and connectivity into SpeedIX, the Amsterdam-based and European-focused Internet Exchange, to 100GE and 100G to keep up with its customer demand.

This upgrade will enable NetIX to continue providing access for its 180+ members to SpeedIX via either its remote peering or GIX (Global Internet Exchange) solutions.

With NetIX hitting daily peaks of 1Tb of traffic and the ever-increasing level of customer demand, access to SpeedIX needed to be upgraded to 100G to continue to offer low latency, reduced IP Transit costs, and improved resiliency and redundancy to its 180+ global members.

Whilst NetIX is a global network with presence in six continents, its presence across Europe is unparalleled and for many Asian, U.S., and South American customers this makes them stand out from the crowd; through just one cross connect, one port and one contract, they can access a huge number of peering only available in this region.

As a reseller of SpeedIX, this upgrade means NetIX has no limitations in the near future for offering access into the Amsterdam-based exchange for networks not wanting to invest heavily in expensive hardware and infrastructure.

The NetIX platform brings simplicity to network expansions via a single connection; NetIX is home to 180+ members, 30+ IXPs, and 8,000+ networks across 65 cities and any connected network can benefit by connecting to any peer or location using the same port.

Are you ready to improve your network using the NetIX platform? To discover more ways how NetIX and SpeedIX can improve your network, visit To speak to a member of the team about our services and solutions, please email the team:

About NetIX

Our next-generation network accelerates the Internet; we connect content creators with users faster, cheaper, and more directly than ever.

Our network stretches across more than 150 global data centres in 65 cities from 35 countries. The NetIX platform connects our 180+ members to content from 8,000+ visible networks and 30+ Internet Exchanges and reaches daily peaks of 1Tb of traffic throughput.

NetIX offers the best possible Internet connectivity: our members can directly exchange traffic with peers, giving their end-users faster page-load times on 90% of the most popular sites.

Our members include Internet service providers, broadcasters, telecoms operators, and content delivery networks – all the peers your tenants need to access!

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