Press Releases for NTT Communications

April 13, 2011   

NTT Com Named Best International Wholesale Carrier at Telecom Asia Awards 2011

March 30, 2011   

Damage and Restoration Status Regarding the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake and Future Prospects

March 22, 2011   

Earthquake Update: NTT Com Services Gradually Restored

March 18, 2011   

NTT Com Providing Enterprise Internet Access in Cambodia

March 8, 2011   

NTT Australia Deploys Global Managed Network for Lynas

March 2, 2011   

NTT Com to Open Branch Offices in Dubai and Warsaw

February 24, 2011   

NTT Com to Market CoTweet Exclusively in Japan

February 23, 2011   

NTT Com to Market CoTweet Exclusively in Japan Powerful Solution for Enterprise Management of Twitter and Facebook

February 17, 2011   

Trial Starts for World’s First Mobile Health-support Service

February 17, 2011   

NTT Communications Leads the Way in Ensuring Smooth Transition to IPv6

February 16, 2011   

Japanese Telecom Technology to Aid Vietnamese Farmers

February 4, 2011   

NTT Com Announces Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended February 4, 2011

January 31, 2011   

NTT Com to Launch Asia Submarine-cable Express

January 19, 2011   

NTT Com to Launch Cloud-based Enterprise Network Service

January 18, 2011   

NTT Com to Launch Global IP-VPN POP in Perth, Australia

January 13, 2011   

NTT Com’s Japan-U.S. Backbone Bandwidth Reaches 400 Gbps

December 21, 2010   

NTT Com, Index Launch Android™ Applications Market

November 22, 2010   

NTT Com, NTT Resonant and foo.log to Field Trial World’s First Cloud-based Mobile Service for Health Support

November 19, 2010   

NTT Communications joins Corporate Participant Programs for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

November 10, 2010   

NTT Com to Launch Biz Hosting Global in Shanghai and Enhance Service’s Customer Portal

November 9, 2010   

NTT Com Announces Financial Results for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2010

November 4, 2010   

NTT Com to Launch IP Service for Global Internal Dialing

October 14, 2010   

NTT Com Entertainment Service Rates Voice Impersonators

October 13, 2010   

NTT Com to Expand Arcstar Global IP-VPN in Europe

October 7, 2010   

NTT Com to Open Premium Data Center in Hong Kong

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