Press Releases for Transtelco

April 28, 2020   

Transtelco Acquires Innovative LATAM Carrier Neutrona Networks

August 23, 2019   

Transtelco Aligns with Microsoft as New Azure ExpressRoute Partner

July 15, 2019   

ManagedWay Partners with Transtelco For High Speed Data Transport to Mexico

May 10, 2016   


April 1, 2016   

Acuerdo Modelo Para el Despliegue de Infrastructura

November 21, 2013   

Transtelco Announces the Acquisition of XC Networks

January 16, 2013   

Transtelco Announces the Completion of Its Metro Fiber Build in Mexico City, Mexico

May 23, 2012   

Alcatel-Lucent enables Transtelco to offer high-performance, reliable cloud services to business and carrier customers in the United States and Mexico

March 14, 2012   

Transtelco announces the completion of its Metro Fiber Build in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico

January 31, 2012   

Transtelco Expands its Fiber Network Routes in Central and South Texas

December 14, 2011   

Telx’s Dallas C3 Data Center Powers Transtelco Fiber Optics

November 16, 2011   

PAETEC Working With Transtelco To Provide Fiber Routes Across Central Texas

August 15, 2011   

Transtelco completes remaining leg of its Texas fiber route

August 15, 2011   

Transtelco Announces Plans to Complete Dallas to El Paso Fiber Optic Route

March 15, 2011   

Exchange pacts give Charter Business stronger link to wholesale Ethernet market

October 21, 2010   

Transtelco Connects with Equinix, TELEX, and Databank to extend Ethernet Services to Key U.S and Mexico Locations

September 10, 2010   

Transtelco announces its Expansion into three new Metropolitan Markets in Northern Mexico

July 19, 2010   

Transtelco Expands Regional Optical Network with Ciena

May 19, 2010   

Transtelco Connects with CENX to extend Ethernet Services to Key Mexican Locations

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