Press Releases for padtec

May 22, 2023   

Padtec announces a partnership with UfiSpace and IP Infusion to enter the switches and routers market

May 4, 2023   

The sub-fluvial network of the Norte Conectado program reaches record capacity in a section using Padtec’s DWDM solution

March 23, 2023   

Padtec ends 2022 with growth of 6.4% and record revenue driven by the foreign market

February 27, 2023   

Padtec’s 800 Gb/s transponder attains 1,000 units sold

February 13, 2023   

Padtec opens office in Peru

January 24, 2023   

Padtec launches DWDM solution focused on the demands of small and medium ISPs

December 7, 2022   

Proxxima Telecom invests in Padtec dual 400 Gb/s transponders to meet demands for new services

November 11, 2022   

Revenue from the international market doubles and contributes to Padtec’s good result in the third quarter

November 1, 2022   

Padtec announces partnership with Zanecom to offer DWDM solutions in Africa

October 5, 2022   

Padtec S.A. receives Anuário Telecom award as the 10th fastest growing telecommunications company in 2021

September 20, 2022   

Forte Telecom, of Rio de Janeiro, invests in Padtec’s 800 Gb/s solution to connect Brazilian capitals

August 17, 2022   

Padtec records 10.4% growth in revenue between the first and second quarter of 2022 and record exports

August 9, 2022   

AdylNet, from Rio Grande do Sul, modernizes its network with 800 Gb/s transponders from Padtec

June 7, 2022   

South Front Networks selects Padtec to deploy 400 Gbps links in US

May 24, 2022   

Master connects the capitals of the Southeast region of Brazil with Padtec’s DWDM solution

May 17, 2022   

Padtec ends first quarter of 2022 with 8.8% growth in revenue

April 4, 2022   

Innovative solutions for 5G networks will be the focus of Finep and Padtec projects supported by Funttel

March 20, 2022   

Padtec ends 2021 with the best annual results in its history

March 2, 2022   

Wirelink expands optical mesh in Brazil with the new generation of 800 Gb/s transponders from Padtec

January 19, 2022   

Padtec announces a new service aimed at guaranteeing the quality of optical networks

November 15, 2021   

Padtec ends the third quarter with record growth in operating revenue and cash generation

August 19, 2021   

Padtec ends the first half of 2021 with growth of 63.7%

June 25, 2021   

Padtec provides DWDM solution to connect Mercantil bank data centers in Belo Horizonte

April 27, 2021   

Padtec opens distance training studio

April 1, 2021   

Padtec lights up a 200 Gb/s optical system for HE-NET in Bahia

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