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Press Release -- June 10th, 2024
Source: padtec

Padtec announces Premium services unit in Colombia

The focus of the new business line will be the offering of various specialized services for the telecommunications sector.

Padtec, a leading manufacturer of optical transport systems, announces the launch of a new Premium Services unit in Colombia – the first outside Brazil. The focus of this new line of business for the company, which will be available in Colombia July 1st, will be to offer a series of specialized services to meet the needs of the telecommunications sector.

“The expansion of the Premium Services unit, which has already been in place in Brazil for many years, marks the beginning of a new chapter in Padtec’s trajectory in Latin America”, says Carlos Raimar Schoeninger, CEO and Investor Relations Officer at the company. “With this initiative, Padtec reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to the market, which facilitates access to high-quality connectivity for everyone”, he adds.

Hernán Yepes, General Manager of Padtec Colombia and the CALA Norte region, highlights the importance of the initiative, especially at this time when the most recent quarterly Bulletin of the ICT sector, released by the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, highlights important progress in connectivity in Colombia, with an increase of 24.4% in number of accesses per hundred inhabitants. Furthermore, the average download speed in the country had a significant increase, jumping from 14.5 Mbps to 161.6 Mbps between 2019 and 2023. In that same period, according to the Bulletin, the number of emerging internet providers, with 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers, recorded growth of 366% in Colombia.

“Connectivity is the engine of socioeconomic development, boosting communication, the global economy, innovation and improving quality of life. Advances in download speeds in Colombia are encouraging, as they reflect ongoing efforts to improve the country’s digital infrastructure, providing access to high-speed connections to a greater number of people, as well as significantly improving the user experience,” highlights Yepes. “The growth in the number of internet providers is another important indicator of these achievements and, by launching the Premium Services unit in Colombia, Padtec reinforces its position as a strategic ally in the operation of these service providers in the region”, he adds.

To this end, Padtec’s new Premium services unit in Colombia will provide internet providers with access to specialized knowledge, resources and advanced tools capable of improving the quality, efficiency and security of their networks, ensuring compliance with standards and regulatory issues. The services offered include the diagnosis and calibration of optical networks, specialized outsourcing, advanced training in optical networks and IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks, NOC services and network certification.

Padtec has plans to expand this line of business to other countries in Latin America in the future.

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