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Press Release -- February 27th, 2023
Source: padtec

Padtec’s 800 Gb/s transponder attains 1,000 units sold

Since it was launched the product has recorded sales records to customers in various segments and in different countries, helping to grow the company’s business.

Padtec, a leading manufacturer of optical transport systems, announces an important milestone: one thousand units of its 800 Gb/s transponder have been sold. Launched at the end of 2020, the product offers very high data transmission rates over short, medium and long distances which allows it to meet the ever-increasing demand in traffic and bandwidth, not only in the terristrial and submarine networks of communication providers but also for interconnections between data centers.

Developed and manufactured in Brazil, the product has been sold to 70 customers in seven countries in the Americas (including Brazil and the United States) and has been setting sales records for different segments of the company – more than 20% of the units were sold to the foreign market. “This line of transponders, which is considered by the sector as the best DCI (Data Center Interconnection) solution on the market, has taken Padtec to new frontiers in business, technology and innovation”, says Carlos Raimar, Padtec’s CEO and Investor Relations Officer.

He points out that this solution has been increasingly adopted by connectivity providers not only in Brazil and Latin America but also around the world – recently, the product was approved in countries in Europe and Africa. “Of the total number of units sold so far, 25% were to new customers who have become part of our customer portfolio”, highlights Raimar. “With this product, service providers optimize their operation, as it is possible to transport more traffic with less equipment. This reduces the cost per bit transmitted, as well as the energy and space used, which are increasingly scarce in telecommunications environments”, he adds.

Committed to the constant evolution of its product line, Padtec invests on average 13% of its annual revenue in research and development. With a portfolio that includes products for high-performance optical communications systems and services for communication networks, the company seeks to be always at the top of innovation. “Investment in technology is the differential that allows Padtec to remain competitive and always be at the frontier of knowledge in its area of activity”, states Raimar.

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