Press Releases for DE-CIX

October 23, 2018   


October 16, 2018   

“The Internet relocates”: DE-CIX in Frankfurt accomplishes the largest-ever infrastructure relocation in the company’s history

October 11, 2018   

Internet Exchange Operator DE-CIX Files Lawsuit with the German Constitutional Court

September 25, 2018   

Istanbul: First customers connect via DirectCLOUD to Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services

September 25, 2018   

The end of a milestone: Sweeping out DE-CIX FRA 7 in Frankfurt

September 20, 2018   

The summer was hot: DE-CIX Summer BBQ round tables in Germany

September 13, 2018   

DE-CIX Annual Report 2017: Global growth influences positive company results

September 12, 2018   

Core-Backbone: 6×100 GE, and no end in sight

September 6, 2018   

Rascom expands its presence at DE-CIX’s Internet Exchanges

September 5, 2018   

Take part in our raffle: Guess which are the four main ASN origin countries in Frankfurt

August 30, 2018   

Customer portal survey results: Statistics and open/edit tickets are most important

August 30, 2018   

DE-CIX US update: More than 230 networks peer at our two US exchanges

August 28, 2018   

When the traffic falls to zero – and it is a big success

August 24, 2018   

DE-CIX sponsors in Macedonia

August 15, 2018   

New DE-CIX-enabled site in Dusseldorf: Equinix

July 25, 2018   

Sensational growth at our regional IXs in Germany: Number of networks more than doubled

July 23, 2018   

AS112 service now available in Marseille

July 11, 2018   

DE-CIX launches ‘Project Reach’ with bandwidth infrastructure partner euNetworks

June 26, 2018   

IDC study: Interconnection ecosystems are a leading option for implementing multiclouds

June 21, 2018   

New DirectCLOUD partners: 23media and Voxility

June 20, 2018   

New Looking Glass: Beta version available

June 18, 2018   

TechMeeting 2018: Introducing Patchy McPatchbot

June 13, 2018   

IDC study: Secure interconnection ecosystems enable digital ecosystems

May 29, 2018   

IDC study: Industries face specific challenges in their digital transformation

May 23, 2018   

New DirectCLOUD partners: ahd and SysEleven

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