Press Releases for DE-CIX

July 11, 2019   

Introducing: DE-CIX VirtualPNI

June 25, 2019   

datamena has launched a Global Interconnect Ecosystem with Hubs in Mumbai and Marseille

June 24, 2019   

Telxius and DE-CIX collaborate to improve the global interconnection landscape

June 20, 2019   

Now live: Location-based redistribution control via the route servers

June 20, 2019   

DE-CIX behind the scenes: Meet Wolfgang Tremmel

May 29, 2019   

New DirectCLOUD partners: ScaleUp Technologies, G-FIT, komro, and R-KOM

May 23, 2019   

Madrid improves its interconnection in Iberia thanks to DE-CIX’s alliance with Aire Networks

May 22, 2019   

Mumbai IX Offers 100 Gigabit Ethernet Access: Cloudflare Among First Customers

May 14, 2019   

DE-CIX Expands Capacities in Frankfurt with maincubes

April 25, 2019   

Insights: How and what the DE-CIX route servers filter

March 28, 2019   

DE-CIX and Datacenter One Form Partnership

March 21, 2019   

DE-CIX first IX worldwide to offer 400-Gigabit Ethernet access technology

March 21, 2019   

DE-CIX First Internet Exchange Worldwide to Offer 400-Gigabit Ethernet Access Technology

March 12, 2019   

ASN origin and network types of the connected networks at DE-CIX

March 11, 2019   

DE-CIX and Seaborn Networks Partner to Bring World-Class Intercontinental Connectivity Between North and South America and Europe

February 26, 2019   

Two new resellers for Madrid: Aire Networks and Telxius

February 21, 2019   

RPKI implementation at DE-CIX

February 20, 2019   

New all-time peak at DE-CIX Frankfurt: 6.8 Tbps

January 31, 2019   

And the Oscar goes to… DE-CIX’s partners and resellers!

January 31, 2019   

Renumbering in New York completed successfully

January 31, 2019   

What 2019 will bring at DE-CIX: New locations, more sites, new security features, and a revamped portal

January 22, 2019   

“New Cornerstones of Indian Internet Connectivity”: DE-CIX Interwire to open new Internet Exchanges in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai

December 4, 2018   

DE-CIX New York Exceeds 200 Network Connections

November 26, 2018   

The new DE-CIX Looking Glass is live!

November 22, 2018   

Two new DE-CIX-enabled sites in Frankfurt: Digital Realty

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