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Press Release -- January 31st, 2019
Source: DE-CIX

Renumbering in New York completed successfully

Between 28 and 30 January, the change from the old /24 network to the new /22 network at DE-CIX New York took place. All services with old IPv4 addresses including the old IPv4 route servers have been moved to the new address space. With the help of our customers, the migration took place smoothly and we would like to thank our customers for their meticulous cooperation! The majority of the DE-CIX New York customers have successfully changed their interface IPv4 addresses and netmasks. Customers had to change all the IPv4 addresses of their BGP neighbors (not only route servers but also direct peers).

If you are a DE-CIX New York customer and you have not changed the IPv4 addresses yet, please do so! Your BGP sessions will be down until you have changed the IPv4 addresses. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at!

The DE-CIX New York peering LAN used a /24 netmask which only contained 254 IPv4 addresses. Due to the ongoing growth and now over 200 connected networks in New York, the change to the new /22 network proved necessary.

The network change only affected the IPv4 addresses; the IPv6 addresses have not changed.

In the new DE-CIX Looking Glass, you can check out which networks already have sessions with the new route server (rs1) in New York.

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