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Press Release -- January 31st, 2019
Source: DE-CIX

And the Oscar goes to… DE-CIX’s partners and resellers!

It is that time of the year again when we want to thank our partners and resellers. A big thank you goes to all data center operators around the globe that are part of our ecosystem and deliver the colocation space for us and for our customers in order to connect and peer with each other. And of course we want to thank our resellers, which enable networks to get connected to DE-CIX from over 70 countries worldwide. A special thank you goes to our top 3 resellers in 2018, which brought by far the most networks to our exchanges: IX Reach, RETN, and Core-Backbone – well done!

There are many more partners, like carriers, hardware vendors and the like that we rely on to create our interconnection ecosystem. We cannot name everyone, but we want to say thank you to all of you! Working with you was and is great, and we look forward to working with you in 2019 and all the years to come.

Thank you!

DE-CIX top 3 resellers in 2019

IX Reach logo
IX Reach: A leading global solutions provider

IX Reach is a leading global solutions provider offering remote peering solutions at key Internet Exchanges, SDN direct interconnection to all major cloud providers, high-speed point-to-point/multipoint ethernet private line, IP BGP transit, and colocation. They were the first reseller for DE-CIX Frankfurt, and later also the first reseller for Marseille and Dallas, and as such they have accompanied and supported DE-CIX’s development for many years. In 2018, IX Reach upgraded its infrastructure in the Frankfurt exchange to 200GE, enabling more remote peering sessions in the region.

IX Reach connects networks to our exchanges in Frankfurt, New York, Dallas, Madrid, and Marseille, as well as UAE-IX via the IX Reach network and DE-CIX Istanbul, Hamburg, Munich, and Dusseldorf via the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service. Overall, they are connecting more networks to DE-CIX than any other reseller and are officially the number one reseller of DE-CIX.

RETN logo
RETN: The European network of choice

RETN is one of the fastest growing leading independent European providers operating its own transboundary network, which extends across 36 countries connecting North America, Europe, and Asia, and has a unique presence in Eastern Europe and Russia.

RETN rapidly grew into the top DE-CIX reseller by 2016 and became the first DE-CIX reseller offering its customers DE-CIX services based on a 200 GE peering port. Its customers can connect to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, New York, Madrid and Marseille at more than 250 on-net PoPs.

Last year RETN launched new routes throughout Europe (high-capacity fiber connections Frankfurt-Brno, Moscow-Riga) accompanied by new PoPs (Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, and many others). They also established new locations in the USA and Canada (LA, Ashburn, Toronto) and in Asia (Taipei, Singapore) which are directly connected to the RETN European network core. RETN also kept on actively developing metro network connectivity in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, London, and Riga. In 2019, RETN will continue to develop its network in Europe and expand further to the USA and Far East with direct end-to-end connections to Europe as a way of delivering better global connectivity and service. The network extensions and company growth will enable RETN to multiply points of connection to remote peering services to DE-CIX and sustain the high level of partnership.

Core-Backbone logo
Core-Backbone: Germany-based carrier with international network

The Germany-based carrier Core-Backbone operates an international, secure, and high-availability network around the world. It is possible to order their services in locations like London, Singapore, and New York. The product portfolio includes IP Transit, Layer2 Circuits, Remote Peerings, and premium DDoS Protection.

Core-Backbone has cooperated with DE-CIX since 2014 and is one of our Top3 resellers in Frankfurt and New York.

For 2019, establishing more Points-of-Presence in Central Europe, North America, and Asia is planned. The Core-Backbone Peering team will participate in several events such as the European Peering Forum and Global Peering Forum, in order to spread the idea of peering around the world.

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