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Press Release -- March 20th, 2013
Source: Anova Technologies

Anova Technologies acquires lowest latency microwave between Equinix facility in Washington, DC and NASDAQ

Low latency leader adds long haul news feed network to substantive millimeter wave assets

March 20, 2013 / CHICAGO / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, is pleased to announce its most recent acquisition of a microwave network between the Washington, DC Equinix facility, at 1275 K Street, and NASDAQ, at 1400 Federal in Carteret, New Jersey. This long haul microwave is the first and only wireless connection operated by a provider on this route and is a welcomed addition to Anova’s already robust portfolio of millimeter wave footprint.

The new route wirelessly bridges the major news agency hub in DC and the equity markets at NASDAQ with only a 2.1KM route deviation from the ‘great circle.’ “We feel this path simply cannot be beat with existing tower sets,” stated Michael Persico Founder & CEO of Anova Technologies. “Bettering 2.1 kilometers off the curvature of the Earth’s surface, on this route, is well-nigh impossible without building new sites, which is time consuming and many times, cost prohibitive. What that translates to is we’re the fastest, for the near-, mid- and quite likely, long-term. And this fits in nicely with our philosophy of building or acquiring the end-game route. Our customers don’t have to worry that in 6 months or 2 years or some other period of time, their path with us will be superseded by the next offering du jour.”

Washington, DC is the primary hub for news origination in the US, with a host of macro indicators such as housing, consumer price index and unemployment emanating from several providers in the area, notably Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters. As such, some of the information generated in this region moves the markets as a whole; while other aspects move individual stocks or the ETFs (exchange traded funds) they may be a part of.

It is interesting to note that these networks aren’t always exclusively meant for, or dedicated to, high frequency traders. They are meant for those involved in electronic trading, of which HFT is only a small niche. In fact, the universe of electronic trading encompasses every type of market participant and has a number of benefits, namely: reduced cost of transactions, greater liquidity, greater competition, increased transparency and tighter spreads. Anova’s service is simply the next iteration in the low-latency global connectivity mesh that is e-trading today

“News type trades are traditionally low frequency, yet require very low latency,” continued Mr. Persico. “You need a certain announcement once, but you need it first. One might say we’ve built the first network for the LFT crowd.”

About Anova Technologies: Anova Technologies is the preeminent fiber and wireless exchange connectivity provider, exclusively focused on electronic and algorithmic trading clients. With a dedicated team of engineers and physicists, Anova invented today’s millimeter wave design and deployment standards for trading networks. A champion of self-disruption, Anova continues to push the boundaries of technology for the financial markets with major new developments pending that will improve availability, capacity and round trip latency in the wireless space. Anova’s proprietary networks span all major exchanges throughout the US, Canada, Western & Eastern Europe, and South America.

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