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Press Release -- March 20th, 2013
Source: Aria Networks

Aria Networks deploys carrier-grade IP/MPLS Operations Solution

London, UK – 19 March, 2013 – Aria Networks, a leading independent provider of capacity management software, today announces details of its new IP/MPLS Operations Solution for service providers’ network operations centres.

The solution enables automation, simplification and visualisation of complex, multi-vendor IP/MPLS planning, fulfilment and service assurance tasks across distributed teams. It enables fast and error-free delivery of superior IP and Cloud services, while reducing network and operational costs. Aria Networks’ new solution has recently been deployed by a tier-1 service provider with a global network, supported by operations centres in Europe, US and Asia.

The Aria Networks software platform provides carrier-grade performance and high-availability support for network operational teams with innovative processes enabling a fundamental change to the way IP/MPLS networks are managed today, including:

  • 24*7 Continual Assessment of all IP traffic and network congestion under normal and adverse operating conditions enabling rapid and robust decision making
  • Automated Provisioning for delivery of IP services, Ethernet flows, Cloud services and MPLS-TE tunnels including primary, secondary and tertiary protection paths
  • Emergency Resolution allowing automated reroute of services in the event of network failures and engineering works
  • Capacity Planning of IGP and MPLS traffic to ensure that the network grows and scales efficiently to meet forecast demand
  • Multi-User, Multi-Version Planning providing management of complex processes, such as simultaneous planned engineering works, across geographically diverse networks and teams

Jay Perrett, CTO of Aria Networks, commented, “We have a great deal of experience addressing service providers’ requirements for delivering efficient, resilient IP/MPLS services. Our new IP/MPLS Operations Solution puts capacity management at the heart of service providers’ operations, rather than it being a monthly activity or carried out in reaction to a customer experiencing service quality issues. Working with our flagship customer, we have invested in our capacity management platform to offer greater integration, a high-availability architecture and near-real-time response to network events.”

A European tier-1 service provider asked Aria Networks to provide a capacity management solution to ensure that its network is used efficiently and can offer high levels of network reliability. The solution was required to help the client manage the complex interaction between IP traffic flows, MPLS services and fully traffic-engineer MPLS-TE services in a single network. Addressing this complexity, particularly how services behave under network failure conditions, made operating the 2,000+ router IP/MPLS network challenging. By investing in capacity management the service provider is able to ensure they continue to maintain service quality without the need to add contingent capacity to reduce the chance of utilisation hot-spots occurring, and avoiding the inefficiencies of manual, ‘swivel-chair’ working practices.

James Pullen, Director of Product Management and Marketing at Aria Networks, added, “We believe that the way service providers are operating their networks today requires a capacity management solution that is fundamentally different from the planning tools that emerged 10-20 years ago. Uniquely, Aria Networks’ solution automates critical operational tasks, and then provides the option to extend this platform to ensure the organization is also designing and building networks that meet strategic business objectives, market demand, and economic constraints.”


About Aria Networks

Aria Networks enables leading communication service providers to radically improve the efficiency, reliability and profitability of their fixed-line, mobile and Cloud communication networks. With the ability to analyse current and future service profiles and forecast customer demand, Aria Networks simplifies and accelerates strategic planning tasks, supports just-in-time capacity management, and ensures a service-ready network. For further information visit

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