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Press Release -- March 20th, 2013
Source: Sabey Data Centers


World’s Largest High-Rise Data Center Is Ready to Serve the Nation’s Largest Data Center Market

“Digital Manufacturing Plant” will create jobs for thousands of knowledge workers in New York City

New York, March 20, 2013 – Seattle-based Sabey Data Center Properties, the largest privately- owned multi-tenant data center owner and developer on the West Coast, announced today the commissioning of Intergate.Manhattan, the new, 1 million-square foot, high-rise data center at 375 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan.

The Sabey data center represents an exponential expansion to New York City’s computing infrastructure capacity and is the largest high-rise data center in the world. The 32-story Intergate.Manhattan is also the most efficient data center in New York City, with brand new infrastructure and state-of-the-art climate control and electrical systems. The building’s Con Ed substation is on the second and third floors, eliminating a risk from storm surge damage that affected so many buildings in Lower Manhattan.

Having completed a months-long infrastructure installation and testing process, today marks the power-up of the data center’s first phase, providing over 100,000 square feet of data center space and 5.4 Megawatts of power. Ultimately, Intergate.Manhattan will accommodate 40 Megawatts of critical data center capacity on 600,000 square feet of data center floor space.

“Ensuring that institutions – whether they’re financial services firms or health care providers or life science pioneers like the New York Genome Center – can securely store, access and share data is key to our city’s tech future,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “That’s why Intergate.Manhattan is such an important addition to New York City’s data infrastructure and to our economy.”

Mayor Bloomberg was joined at a press conference today by David A. Sabey, President, Sabey Corporation; Dr. Robert Darnell, CEO of the New York Genome Center; Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City; Nicole LaRusso of the New York City Downtown Alliance; and Jeffrey J. Kanne, President and CEO of National Real Estate Advisors, Sabey’s real estate co-investor.

Mr. Sabey said, “Intergate.Manhattan is a game changer uniquely positioned to offer a world class computing environment for those users with on-island data center needs. Our tenants will be provided with plenty of room to grow and critical infrastructure to future-proof them for the next 20 – 30 years. We are excited to bring our unique business model to Manhattan. We own and operate all of our data centers maintaining complete control over our tenants’ critical operating environments.”

Effective today, Intergate.Manhattan is providing massive computing cycles to support medical research by the New York Genome Center, the building’s first tenant. The NY Genome Center represents a compute and storage platform for 12 leading medical institutions to tackle the big data challenges that will bring the benefits of genomics to patient care.

Sabey’s national network of data centers provides tenants like NY Genome center the ability to take advantage of Intergate.Manhattan’s low latency access to the millions of New York City eyeballs while leveraging the benefits of low cost, green hydroelectric power – at an average of two cents per kWh — in Sabey’s Central Washington data centers located near the Columbia River for their business continuity and archival storage requirements.

Sabey’s Intergate Exchange (IGX) provides a private, secure network between Sabey’s data center locations and major peer points. In Manhattan, Sabey has invested in a redundant, diverse high speed private network with dark fiber connectivity to the major carrier hotels in Manhattan, making access to Intergate.Manhattan only a cross connect away. Intergate. Manhattan’s fiber terminates at 22 feet above sea level where it is encased and protected from adverse weather. From there, it separates into two completely diverse paths, offering low-latency connectivity to Manhattan’s major Internet exchanges.

Network connectivity is the lifeblood of any data center and Sabey announced that key metro and national carriers have signed point-of-presence licensing agreements. Along with others in negotiations, they will offer Intergate.Manhattan’s tenants a full suite of facilities-based services including dark fiber, lit transport and IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection, Ethernet, wavelength, Internet access, and more.

Sabey is in active negotiations with prospective tenants across a wide range of verticals including finance, health care, technology including social media, content distribution networks, online retailers, gaming companies, retail co-location providers and government agencies.

Dr. Darnell said, “At the New York Genome Center, we see Dave Sabey’s new building as playing an integral role in the convergence between medicine and technology in New York, unlike anything that exists today. The power of Integrate Manhattan’s modern high-performance computing environment will significantly leverage New York’s access to biological data and dramatically increase the likelihood that clinical breakthroughs will be made right here in New York.”

Intergate.Manhattan is a data center that cannot be physically replicated. Mr. Sabey added, “I believe that it would be far too costly – if not impossible – to bring this level of connectivity and high-tension electrical supply to any other real estate in New York City. Access to the amount of electrical power in the building alone is worth the price of the property.”

In order to transform the building from a near vacant, analog telco building into a new state of the art data center, Sabey invested in a number of leading edge computer aided design (CAD) tools and Building Information Management (BIM) software to design the new interior of the building. Every detail — down to individual pipe hangers and placement of the 3 Megawatt backup generators – was positioned in a “virtual Intergate.Manhattan” beforehand. Sabey and its partners on the project were able to model every aspect of the building in 3-D before any physical construction took place.

Intergate.Manhattan establishes a point of presence for the coast-to-coast Sabey Data Center network in the nation’s largest data center market, and is at the landing point for transatlantic cables and international fiber routes. Intergate.Manhattan is the most robust, connected and secure real estate in New York City. It is located in an area adjacent to One Police Plaza which is controlled, protected and secured by the New York Police Department and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Ms. Wylde said, “The opening of Intergate.Manhattan confirms New York City’s status as one of America’s top high tech innovation centers, second only to Silicon Valley. This facility will provide the computing strength and connectivity necessary to support the next generation of big data applications, creating new jobs and economic activity,”

John Sabey, President, Sabey Data Center Properties, said, “Intergate.Manhattan is a crucial presence as our Sabey Data Center network expands. Equally important, Intergate.Manhattan will be the next and best carrier hotel on the East Coast, offering unprecedented opportunities for network carriers to expand their customer operations.”

In addition, Intergate.Manhattan offers many advantages that are not available elsewhere in Manhattan. The purpose-built data center’s 34,000-square-foot floor plates will accommodate tenant expansion and are augmented on all four sides by large basement-to-roof open shafts, or “bustles,” which allow almost unlimited vertical transportation potential for fiber and MEP commodities without disturbing existing tenants. High clear heights with easily-accessible, open, overhead cableways obviate the clutter and confusion of raised floor cabling.

Joseph B. Ryan, Jr., Sabey Managing Director of Development NY, said, Through collaboration with our tenants and active involvement in industry standards groups, Sabey brings innovative efficiency, resiliency and operating procedures which result in cost savings for our tenants and a green approach to our data centers.”

Intergate.Manhattan is also located on high ground, and was untouched by Superstorm Sandy. Critical systems, including the new electrical service and associated systems, have been placed on the 2nd floor (33′-0″ above grade level), or higher, in the building to assure the highest level of uptime.

“Sabey’s Intergate.Manhattan data center is an incredible addition to Lower Manhattan’s and the entire city’s economic life. It is an essential expansion of our computing infrastructure capacity,” said Nicole LaRusso, Senior Vice President of Planning and Economic Development at the Downtown Alliance (New York City’s largest Business Improvement District)

Ms. LaRusso added “It is also yet another demonstration of the diverse and vibrant mix of businesses that make Lower Manhattan home. From high tech to media, financial services to exciting retailers and restaurants, Lower Manhattan is a model of what makes up a multi-faceted 21st century business district. We are thrilled that Sabey and their tenants are joining the more than 500 strong and growing technology businesses downtown.”

In addition, the property’s on-site security and life safety measures include pre-action fire suppression systems, 24-hour data center monitoring and operations support, biometric access control and on-site security officers.

Sabey, through its history as a builder, has established long-term, strategic partnerships with the National Real Estate Advisors (NREA) and mutually beneficial relationships with the nation’s leading labor organizations in the electrical and communications sectors. Intergate.Manhattan is a completely union-built project.

Mr. Kanne said, “We are proud to be a co-investor in Intergate.Manhattan. This project showcases the highest quality of technology sector construction workmanship. Moreover, this ‘digital manufacturing plant’ will create jobs for thousands of knowledge workers in New York City.”

Sabey has retained the commercial real estate leasing services of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, to represent Intergate.Manhattan. The NGKF infrastructure services group is well known in the data center world and provides visibility into global, large enterprise requirements as well as local, Manhattan opportunities. Seventeen floors of the building are immediately available for powered shell customers.

About Sabey Data Center Properties

With a portfolio of more than three million square feet of mission critical space, Sabey Data Center Properties is one of the oldest and largest privately owned multi-tenant data center developers and operators in the world. Sabey specializes in scalable, custom-built solutions including data center ready shell space and fully turnkey data centers managed by Sabey’s award-winning critical environment staff. Consistently recognized for its reputation for operational excellence through its world-class data centers and sustained uptime, Sabey boasts one of the most sterling tenant rosters in the industry.

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