Press Releases for Verizon

August 3, 2011   

Nemertes Research Recognizes Verizon as a Top Provider of Enterprise Internet Protocol Solutions

August 1, 2011   

Verizon ‘Digs’ Safe Digging — on 811 Day (8/11) and Every Day

July 27, 2011   

Verizon and U.S. Energy Dept.’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to Collaborate on Energy-Saving Technologies

July 25, 2011   

Verizon to Bolster Lines of Communication for Australian Department of Defense

July 25, 2011   

Verizon Again Named to Black Enterprise Magazine’s List of 40 Best Companies for Diversity

July 22, 2011   

Verizon Names Lowell McAdam as CEO; Ivan Seidenberg to Remain Chairman

July 22, 2011   

Verizon Reports Accelerated Revenue Growth, Expanded Margins and Strong 2Q Earnings Performance

July 20, 2011   

Verizon Teams With Northrop Grumman to Provide Fraud Management Platform to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

July 14, 2011   

Verizon Tackles Growing Issue of Stolen Credentials

July 13, 2011   

Verizon Combines the Power of 4G LTE with the Cisco Cius Tablet to Improve Mobile Enterprise Collaboration

June 30, 2011   

JANET(UK) Works with Verizon to Power Next-Generation UK Education and Research Network Using 100 Gigabit Solution

June 29, 2011   

Verizon to Bolster Epsilon’s Data Security With Innovative New Security Technologies

June 28, 2011   

Siemens Chooses Verizon for Global Identity Authentication

June 23, 2011   

Terremark Unveils Expanded IT Solutions Portfolio, Global Go-to-Market Strategy

June 22, 2011   

Verizon Captures IEEE Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award

June 21, 2011   

SAFE-BioPharma Selects Verizon To Manage Digital Identity Services

June 21, 2011   

New Verizon Risk-Management Service Helps Businesses Take the Guesswork Out of Security Decision Making Through Focus on Data, Metrics

June 20, 2011   

Verizon and Polycom Help Leading Global Re-Insurance Company SCOR to Enhance Collaboration

June 16, 2011   

Verizon’s On-Demand Cloud Computing Solution Achieves PCI Compliance for Second Consecutive Year

June 15, 2011   

Verizon Expands Global Telepresence Reach Through Agreement With Tata Communications

June 14, 2011   

Verizon Upgrades Global Communications for Ariston Thermo Group to Help Company Achieve Its Business Goals

June 9, 2011   

Verizon Significantly Reduces Energy Consumption at 24 of its U.S. Data Centers

June 9, 2011   

IPv4 Internet Addresses Are Nearly Used Up: Now What?

June 8, 2011   

Terremark Wins HP AllianceONE Storage Service Provider Partner of the Year

June 7, 2011   

Verizon Ready to Participate in World IPv6 Day

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