Press Releases for Vodafone Group

March 7, 2014   

Networking On the Road: Volkswagen and Audi Bank on Vodafone

March 3, 2014   

$29bn Annual Productivity Increase From Greater Access To Mobile By Women

March 3, 2014   

Vodafone Foundation And Malala Fund Partnership To Tackle Female Illiteracy And Expand Girls’ Access To Education

February 27, 2014   

Vodafone Foundation Announces Connected Women Summit

February 25, 2014   

Europe’s first live trial of LTE broadcast: revolutionising video delivery across mobile networks

February 24, 2014   

Share consolidation effective and commencement of trading in consolidated shares

February 24, 2014   

Vodafone Foundation unveils ‘mini’ mobile network in a backpack

February 24, 2014   

Vodafone anounces redemption of approximately $5.65 billion of its outstanding notes

February 21, 2014   

Important legal information

February 19, 2014   

Important legal information

February 16, 2014   

Vodafone India Acquires Spectrum for £1.9BN to Enhance Mobile Services for Customers

February 11, 2014   

Vodafone and MoneyGram Global Agreement

February 6, 2014   

Interim Management Statement for the Quarter Ended 31 December 2013

August 15, 2013   

Vodafone Iceland Multiplies its Capacity With New Submarine Cable System “Emerald Express”

August 5, 2013   

Vodafone Awards Amdocs Global Managed Services Contract

July 23, 2013   

Globalisation…the next chapter

July 18, 2013   

Smart strategies for emerging markets

July 10, 2013   

Turned on, tuned in, stressed out

July 3, 2013   

Trust in technology

June 27, 2013   

Connected, protected: Infographic highlights mobile security risks

June 23, 2013   

Exceeding ‘connected’ consumers’ experience

June 23, 2013   

Network consolidation: the key to high-quality, cost effective communications

June 16, 2013   

Unified communications: the longest journey starts with a single step

June 15, 2013   

Streamlining the revenue assurance process at Vodafone Global Enterprise

June 12, 2013   

Life in the fast lane – benchmark your progress towards tomorrow’s world of communications

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