Press Releases for Comba Telecom

August 24, 2011   

Comba Announces 2011 Interim Results

August 22, 2011   

Updates on the Andrew Lawsuit

August 15, 2011   

Comba Expands Presence in Latin America with New Office in Mexico City

July 6, 2011   

Comba Completes 2G/3G Wireless Enhancement Project for the World’s Longest Cross-sea Bridge

June 30, 2011   

Comba Telecom signs Agreements with Major OEM Customer for Base Station Antennas in Latin America

June 29, 2011   

Comba Acclaimed As “outstanding Telecom Equipment Provider” in Capital Outstanding China Enterprise Award for the Third Consecutive Year

June 23, 2011   

Comba Selected As One of 2011 Info Tech 100 China

June 20, 2011   

Comba Announces Portfolio of Camouflaged Antennas for Asia Pacific Market

June 20, 2011   

NEWS ARTICLE: Reaching out across the Middle East

June 19, 2011   

Announcement on Litigation

June 7, 2011   

Comba Telecom Enables 4G Network Deployment in Middle East

May 25, 2011   

Comba Telecom’s Wireless Enhancement Solution Deployed at the Galaxy Macau Casino Resort

May 23, 2011   

Comba Telecom Launches a New Generation of Distributed Antenna System Solutions for North America

May 18, 2011   

Comba Listed “ Best Mid-Cap”on FinanceAsia’s Top Companies Poll

April 18, 2011   

Comba 2010 Annual Report is now available

March 25, 2011   

Comba Announces 2010 Annual Results — Include Webcast —

January 19, 2011   

Comba Collaborates with ECTEL to Enable Wireless Communications Inside Remote Desert Environment at the ALMA Construction Site, Chile

January 3, 2011   

Comba Garners The Assets “Titanium Award for Investor Relations”

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