Press Releases for Adva Optical Networking

May 20, 2019   

Openreach leverages ADVA demarcation technology for nationwide small cell rollout

May 9, 2019   

HEP Telekomunikacije monitors nationwide fiber network with ADVA ALM

May 7, 2019   

ADVA delivers NFV platform for Intel® Select Solution for uCPE

April 18, 2019   

ADVA posts quarterly revenues of EUR 128.2 million for Q1 2019

April 10, 2019   

EANTC verifies IEEE 1588 PTP interoperability of ADVA’s 5G sync and packet edge devices

March 26, 2019   

ADVA plays key role in development of UK’s quantum-secured transport network

March 21, 2019   

ADVA wins BT sustainability innovation award with end-to-end optimized edge device

March 20, 2019   

ADVA’s Ensemble Activator selected for TIP DCSG lab and field trials

March 5, 2019   

ADVA showcases world’s first SDN-controlled 600G transmission at OFC

February 28, 2019   

ADVA expands FSP 3000 open line system to deliver ultimate DCI solution

February 26, 2019   

TIP uses ADVA’s disaggregated cell site gateway solution in MWC demo

February 8, 2019   

ADVA’s Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem reaches new heights

January 24, 2019   

ADVA celebrates 70 years of Oscilloquartz timing innovation

January 16, 2019   

ADVA FSP 150 deployed by major financial trading institution to safeguard data across Mexico

December 12, 2018   

ADVA simplifies network operations with launch of Ensemble Controller

December 10, 2018   

ADVA delivers 300G over trans-Atlantic distance in FSP 3000 TeraFlex™ trial

December 5, 2018   

ADVA redefines service demarcation for the small cell era

November 28, 2018   

ADVA brings optimized 100G service aggregation to the network edge

November 20, 2018   

meets soaring data demand with ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect™

November 15, 2018   

Pilot sets new standard for uptime with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution

November 6, 2018   

Eurofiber rolls out ADVA FSP 150 for future-proof business services

October 26, 2018   

ADVA posts quarterly revenues of EUR 126.2 million for Q3 2018

October 17, 2018   

ADVA commits to developing complete commercial solution for TIP’s disaggregated cell site gateway group

October 17, 2018   

ADVA brings the Telecom Infra Project’s Voyager solution to the market

October 10, 2018   

ADVA ConnectGuard™ Ethernet security solution succeeds in rigorous EANTC tests

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