Press Releases for Adva Optical Networking

July 28, 2022   

ADVA increases revenues for Q2 2022

July 20, 2022   

Openreach rolls out ADVA’s next-gen edge devices as part of its Ethernet services

July 15, 2022   

Successful settlement of Adtran’s exchange offer to ADVA shareholders

June 28, 2022   

Tele2 Estonia boosts performance with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution

June 23, 2022   

Telstra Wholesale rolls out Rapid Mobile Activation service with ADVA

June 21, 2022   

ADVA and II-VI Incorporated unveil industry’s first 100ZR pluggable coherent transceiver for the optical network edge

June 16, 2022   

Quickline uses ADVA 100G aggregation solution to expand ultra-fast broadband to rural and hard-to-reach communities

June 16, 2022   

Edge optimizes network performance with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring technology

June 9, 2022   

ADVA simplifies uCPE rollout with industry’s first software-as-a-service MANO

June 9, 2022   

Partner Communications utilizes ADVA synchronization solution for 5G timing

May 11, 2022   

Westfalen Weser Netz saves cost and avoids outages with ADVA ALM fiber assurance

May 9, 2022   

ADVA brings ultra-precise timing to open servers with new PTP solution

May 5, 2022   

ADVA plays key role in new QKD projects to accelerate commercial rollout

April 28, 2022   

ADVA announces record revenues for Q1 2022

April 26, 2022   

Schleswig-Holstein Netz tests quantum-secured transport over aerial fiber with ADVA

April 14, 2022   

ADVA extends GNSS assurance software to protect third-party timing receivers from cyberattacks

April 12, 2022   

TOYO Corporation first in Japan to harness ADVA’s optical cesium atomic clock

March 22, 2022   

GigeNET meets soaring enterprise cloud demand with ADVA’s DCI solution

March 9, 2022   

ADVA launches new BiDi pluggable to minimize cost and latency in access networks

March 3, 2022   

ADVA boosts resiliency and accuracy of NTP timing with new software release

March 1, 2022   

ADVA’s Ensemble Activator network operating system scores industry first with MEF 3.0 certification

February 17, 2022   

FUNET and SUNET transport 400Gbit/s over record 10,000km distance with ADVA FSP 3000 TeraFlex™

February 17, 2022   

FUNET and SUNET transport 400Gbit/s over record 10,000km distance with ADVA FSP 3000 TeraFlex™

February 10, 2022   

ADVA launches Ensemble Simulator for virtual end-to-end network testing

January 27, 2022   

Terralpha harnesses ADVA TeraFlex™ for 600G transport throughout France

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