Press Releases for Zayo Group

August 30, 2012   

Zayo Expands Agent Sales Channel Portfolio

August 28, 2012   

Zayo Upgrades Spokane to Portland Route

August 27, 2012   

Zayo Announces Extension of Exchange Offer

August 16, 2012   

Zayo Group Purchases Remaining Interest in USCarrier

August 7, 2012   

Zayo Expands Its Network in Las Vegas

July 31, 2012   

Zayo Recognized Among Fastest Growing Private Denver Companies

July 24, 2012   

Zayo Announces Formation of Research and Education Channel

July 19, 2012   

Zayo Expands Network Presence in Denver Metro Area

July 12, 2012   

Zayo Expands Its Network to Albuquerque, NM

July 10, 2012   

zColo Launches ‘Metro Interconnect’ Offering

July 2, 2012   

Zayo Group Completes Acquisition of AboveNet

July 2, 2012   

Zayo Group Completes AboveNet Round of Fundraising

June 21, 2012   

Zayo and Stackpop Form Partnership

June 19, 2012   

Zayo Announces Focus on Small Cell

June 18, 2012   

Zayo Announces Early Tender Results of Cash Tender Offer and Related Consent Solicitation

June 14, 2012   

Zayo Announces Fiber Connectivity with Peak 10

June 13, 2012   

Zayo Group Obtains Metro Ethernet Forum Certification

June 5, 2012   

Zayo Group to acquire FiberGate

June 5, 2012   

AboveNet Announces Stockholder Approval of Merger Agreement with Zayo Group

June 4, 2012   

Zayo Announces Cash Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation

May 31, 2012   

Zayo Recognized Among Fastest Growing Companies in Boulder Community

May 17, 2012   

Zayo Expands Phoenix Network

May 15, 2012   

Zayo Deploys Low Latency Route Between Chicago and Seattle

May 10, 2012   

Zayo Expands to Richmond, VA With New Network Build

May 9, 2012   

Zayo Group, LLC Reports Financial Results for the Third Fiscal Quarter Ended March 31, 2012

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