Press Releases for LightSquared

July 26, 2011   

LightSquared to Invest in Next Generation Push-to-Talk for Public Safety

July 7, 2011   

LightSquared Forms Rural Initiative to Ensure LightSquared and GPS Co-Existence

July 5, 2011   

LightSquared Secures $265 Million in Additional Financing

June 30, 2011   

LightSquared Submits Nationwide Wireless Broadband Plan to FCC

June 28, 2011   

LightSquared and netTALK Sign Long Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

June 20, 2011   

LightSquared Solution to GPS Issue Will Clear Way for Nationwide 4G Network

April 21, 2011   

LightSquared and SI Wireless Announce They Have Entered Into a Bilateral Roaming Agreement

April 20, 2011   

LightSquared and Cellular South Announce They Have Entered Into a Bilateral Roaming Agreement

March 11, 2011   

LightSquared and Open Range Partner to Expand Deployment of Nation’s First 4G LTE Wireless Broadband and Satellite Network to Rural American Communities

March 1, 2011   

LightSquared and the United States GPS Industry Council File Their First Joint Report to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

February 22, 2011   

LightSquared Announces Additional Financing

February 14, 2011   

LightSquared Next-Generation Satellite and Space-Based Network Successfully Completes Post Launch Testing

January 28, 2011   

LightSquared Delivers Notice to Inmarsat Triggering Phase 2 of Re-Banding of L-Band Spectrum in North America

January 26, 2011   

LightSquared Statement on the Federal Communications Commission Conditional Waiver of the Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) Integrated Service Rule

November 15, 2010   

LightSquared Announces the Successful Launch of Next-Generation Satellite

October 19, 2010   

LightSquared Announces Redemption of 14 Percent Senior Secured Discount Notes Due 2013

October 13, 2010   

LightSquared Launches Emergency Rapid Response Team

October 7, 2010   

LightSquared Announces Chipset Partnership and Initial Device Manufacturers

October 3, 2010   

LightSquared Announces Significant Financing

September 29, 2010   

LightSquared and the Indian Health Service Partner for Remote Communications for the Indian Health System

August 18, 2010   

LightSquared Delivers Notice To Inmarsat Triggering Re-Banding Of L-Band Radio Spectrum In North America

July 20, 2010   

Introducing LightSquared: Revolutionizing the U.S. Wireless Industry

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