Press Releases for LightSquared

January 18, 2012   

Former FCC Chief Engineer and LightSquared Question Validity of Test Results Rigged by GPS Industry Insiders

December 13, 2011   

Independent Tests Validate Coexistence with GPS

December 7, 2011   

LightSquared Fuels Creation of “Non-Traditional” Wireless Companies

November 22, 2011   

Industry Leaders Meet to Discuss Our Wireless Future

November 17, 2011   

NTIA: U.S. Needs to Take Bigger Steps Toward Broadband

November 4, 2011   

Innovation and Engineering Solve GPS Issue

September 21, 2011   

LightSquared Announces Simple, Affordable Solution to GPS Interference Issues

September 12, 2011   

LightSquared Signs Multi-Year Wholesale Agreement with VoX Communications

September 6, 2011   

LightSquared and Advanta Technologies Announce Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

August 30, 2011   

LightSquared and Simplexity MVNO Services Sign Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

August 29, 2011   

LightSquared and Inmarsat Collaborate to Support Hurricane Irene Emergency Responders

August 23, 2011   

LightSquared and InterGlobe Communications Sign Multi-Year 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

August 22, 2011   

Terry Neal Joins LightSquared as Senior Vice President for Public Relations and Communications

August 15, 2011   

LightSquared and EarthComm Solutions Sign Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

August 11, 2011   

GPS Industry’s Failure to Comply With Department of Defense and International Standards for GPS Receivers Cause of Interference

August 9, 2011   

CENX Expands 4G-LTE Wireless Backhaul Platform – Supports LightSquared 4G Wireless U.S. Countrywide Rollout

August 8, 2011   

LightSquared and ClearTalk Wireless Announce Bilateral 4G Roaming Agreement

August 4, 2011   

LightSquared and PowerNet Global Sign Long-Term 4G-LTE Wholesale Agreement

August 3, 2011   

LightSquared Completes Transition of Public Safety Users to SkyTerra 1 Satellite

August 1, 2011   

LightSquared Delivers on Promise to Indian Health Service, Tribes and Tribal Organizations

July 28, 2011   

Sprint Nextel and LightSquared Announce Spectrum Hosting and Network Services Agreement

July 26, 2011   

LightSquared to Invest in Next Generation Push-to-Talk for Public Safety

July 7, 2011   

LightSquared Forms Rural Initiative to Ensure LightSquared and GPS Co-Existence

July 5, 2011   

LightSquared Secures $265 Million in Additional Financing

June 30, 2011   

LightSquared Submits Nationwide Wireless Broadband Plan to FCC

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