Press Releases for Colo Atl

July 22, 2020   

Colo Atl Announces New Tenant-Ready Edge Data Center Offering in Atlanta

May 8, 2020   

New Business Development Leader Joins Colo Atl

October 23, 2019   

Wyyerd Group Enters Strategic Partnership with Colo Atl as it Expands Fiber Optic Network throughout Georgia

September 9, 2019   

West Carolina Tel Selects Colo Atl for Superior Interconnection and Colocation Services

January 25, 2019   

SEIMITSU Selects Colo Atl for Premium Data Center and Interconnection Services

January 15, 2019   

Hayneville Fiber Transport Selects Colo Atl Data Center and Interconnection Facility

December 11, 2018   

Colo Atl Creates Destination For The Connectivity Industry in The Connected World

November 28, 2018   

Care Solutions, Inc. Chooses Colo Atl for Colocation and Data Center Interconnection Services

October 24, 2018   

Pixel Factory Data Center Chooses Colo Atl Facility as “Gateway to the South”

July 17, 2018   

Colony Bank Selects Colo Atl for Data Center and Interconnection Services

May 16, 2018   

Broadband Dynamics Selects Colo Atl as Primary Atlanta Data Center and Interconnection Partner

November 2, 2017   

Colo Atl Expands Downtown Atlanta Facility by 10,000 Square Feet

August 18, 2017   

Southern Telecom Significantly Increases Fiber Entry into Colo Atl

April 21, 2017   

Hargray Communications Selects Colo Atl as Key Data Center and Interconnection Partner

March 21, 2017   

SyncGlobal Telecom Joins Colo Atl Tenant Roster– Ready for Interconnection

January 31, 2017   

Columbia County Community Broadband Utility (C³BU) Selects Colo Atl to Extend Network Reach

October 12, 2016   

BalsamWest Enters Colocation Agreement with Colo Atl

August 24, 2016   

Georgia Public Web Selects Colo Atl for Colocation in Downtown Atlanta

July 19, 2016   

Tower Cloud Establishes New Point of Presence at Colo Atl

April 11, 2016   

NGN Establishes PoP at Colo Atl’s Downtown Atlanta Facility

March 24, 2016   

Cyber Wurx Adds 96 Fiber Strands to Colo Atl Data Center

January 28, 2016   


November 20, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Establishes Second Point-of-Presence in Atlanta at Colo Atl

August 7, 2015   

Southern Telecom completes key installation in Atlanta

July 28, 2015   

Colo Atl Announces Over 6000 Dark Fiber Stands Installed in its Downtown Atlanta Facility

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