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Press Release -- January 23rd, 2023
Source: Fatbeam

Tower Infrastructure: Reduce Costs and Improve Speed to Market

The past few years have pointed out with urgency how important middle-mile and last-mile communications services are to businesses, schools, government agencies, and other enterprises. With the added pressure to expand those communications networks, towers have taken on new importance. Today’s tower infrastructure is being used as a centralized communication hub. Like most people and businesses operating in this digital age, data center tenants and operators want the capacity, computing power, and the “real estate” space to expand and operate their businesses as quickly as possible and faster than ever before because of the exponential increase in demand.

Even up to a decade ago, the average time to market for data center design and construction processes was 18-24 months. With standardized designs and advances in capacity planning strategies, data center developers can now bring on new facilities in approximately 12-18 months. Although this represents an improvement in speed to market, future operators and customers expect even more. With the demand where it is and continued increases in demand, the expectation for speed to market is around six months.

This continuing rapid growth of the data center industry has intensified the expectations for how quickly new facilities can be brought online. Data center developers are constantly looking for new strategies in order to deliver bigger and more powerful data centers even more quickly and at lower costs.

Like Henry Ford, who pioneered the assembly line in the early1900s to be able to leverage economies of scale and standardized processes to deliver new cars to the market faster and more cost-effectively, the data center industry has gone back to those basics to find ways of accelerating data center delivery while managing costs and quality.

Finding suitable parcels of land in desirable or strategic locations demands full-time attention from land acquisition teams, especially in the current environment where prices in higher-demand areas continue to rise rapidly.

Because of issues such as permitting and utility setups, data center developers look for sites with some or most of the studies complete and utilities that are ready to go quickly. Fatbeam can help your business expand its network faster and more cost-effectively because it has an extensive existing tower infrastructure helping to reduce your speed to market.

With over 40 towers and new towers going up all the time, Fatbeam allows your business to expand your network faster and without the hassle of starting from scratch. Scale your business with the space, power, and connectivity options offered at each one of our tower sites. 

With Fatbeam’s engineering team, you get the help you need to develop a solution tailored to your specific needs that will keep your costs low and get your site up and running faster. You also benefit from our experienced field services team and 24/7 site monitoring by our network operations center.

Don’t try to go it alone – partner with Fatbeam, your trusted communications provider.

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