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Press Release -- June 1st, 2022
Source: AMS-IX

AMS-IX and ECP publish a neutral argument diagram on the blockade of Russian content by European ISPs

June 1, 2022

AMS-IX, the world’ s leading internet exchange and ECP| platform voor de InformatieSamenleving today are publishing a neutral and complete argument diagram on the Internet blockade of Russia Today and Sputnik News by European ISPs. Politicians and opinion makers can use the diagram to weigh arguments for and against this ban and get a feel for the consequences of this blockade.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine the European Union imposed several sanctions that have far reaching consequences for the functioning of the Internet. Since these sanctions were imposed in a short amount of time with little public debate and have an impact on the way we perceive ‘open and free internet’, ECP and AMS-IX are publishing a debate neutral argument diagram with the goal of educating policy advisors and politicians on the extend and intended and unintended consequences of measures. The argument diagram is focusing on the sanction regulation and the required blockade of Russia Today and Sputnik News by ISPs as this is a well-defined case.

“Blocking content by Internet Service Providers is a very heavy measure and one that should not be taken fast or lightly. By publishing this neutral argument diagram on this complicated matter, we enable politicians and policy makers to weigh arguments and come to a sound conclusion on the intended and un-intended consequences of this sanction,” says Peter van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX.“

It is important, certainly in view of the future, to have a good public debate about these measures, especially since there was little time for this when the measure was taken. We are happy to take up that gauntlet, with the argument diagram as the basis for this debate,” says Marjolijn Bonthuis, program director Digital Security & Trust at ECP.

>> Download (in Dutch) Argumentenkaart over de blokkade van RT and Sputnik News

>> Download (in English) Argument diagram on blockading RT and Sputnik News

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Photo: AMS-IX public affairs officer Alex de Joode presented the Argument Diagram during MORE-IP

The argument diagram overview has been made by The Argumentation Factory and is the result of several knowledge sessions in which multiple governmental bodies, academics, NGO’s and private companies participated. The neutral and complete overview contains all arguments in favor or against blocking Russia Today and Sputnik News by ISPs. The chart is neutral since there is no hierarchy or weight given to the arguments,aAnd complete because it should contain every argument in the discussion.

AMS-IX and ECP develop these debate overviews twice per year with the goal of strengthening public debate on digitalisation. Last year, AMS-IX and ECP published the argument diagram on the use of end-to-end encryption by over-the-top services like WhatsApp and iMessage.

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