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Press Release -- July 14th, 2021
Source: spearline

Spearline expands number testing to cover 94% of global GDP

Spearline who provide global telecommunications assurance, monitoring, and testing have rapidly expanded their market coverage during the first half of 2021.

Cork, Ireland, July 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spearline has rapidly expanded its global presence and enhanced its testing and monitoring capabilities through increasing its in-country points of presence (POPs). The technology company allows global organizations to proactively carry out testing on their numbers and network through an automated Voice Assure platform. Customers receive realtime alerts as soon as an issue is detected and these can be used to escalate the problem to the carrier. The alerts are accompanied with detailed CDRs (call detail records) which lead to quicker mean times to resolution and ensure that Spearline’s customers are not negatively impacted by outages or poor audio quality.

Spearline prides itself on being a customer-centric organization and as such these advancements have been driven by customer requests and core areas of global business operations.

Today, Spearline has coverage in over 70 countries globally, covering more than 93.88% of GDP generation. Spearline is unique in its value proposition; the in-country POPs allow businesses to replicate the exact experience their customers around the world are having. Through in-country POPs, organizations can select the origin and termination countries that they wish to test, irrespective of their own location. This is especially important for toll-free numbers which they would otherwise be unable to test due to restrictions.

Matthew Lawlor, Spearline CTO and Co-founder believes that it is essential to respond to customer needs promptly and actively works to ensure that the relevant infrastructure has been established in each country.

“We respond to our customers internationally by growing our business in line with theirs, this includes our global coverage and POPs. We are also continuously evolving and adapting our product offering to best suit customer needs.”

In 2020, Spearline increased its global coverage by adding an additional 32 POPs. This growth has swiftly accelerated in the first half of 2021. Mobile expansion in particular has been rapid with countries such as China, South Africa, Denmark, Hungary and Luxembourg being added.

In each country, Spearline uses the incumbent carrier to conduct test calls, ensuring that organizations are receiving a true and accurate reflection of the customer experience. In many markets, it also offers a choice of multiple carriers to test with. For example, test calls in Australia can be placed through Telestra, Optus and Vodafone; this means that Spearline customers have 100% coverage of the overall mobile network in the country.

Market and network expansion is set to continue throughout 2021 and into the future as customer needs change and evolve.

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Spearline is a technology company that proactively monitors toll, toll-free and premium rate numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. It is headquartered in Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland and has offices in Waterford (Ireland), Romania and India. The Spearline platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and audio quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. Spearline has conducted millions of test calls worldwide, resulting in billions of data-points. It has global network coverage and operates a 24 hours per day, 365 days per year support service for its international customers.

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