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Press Release -- January 19th, 2021
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TOOQ Solutions PARTNERS WITH NETFOUNDRY TO Transform retailing with ai solutions deployed at the edge

TOOQ uses NetFoundry’s Platform to embed zero trust networking into TOOQ’s edge and IoT solutions

CHARLOTTE, January 19, 2021, TOOQ Solutions has selected NetFoundry Inc.’s Edge and IoT Platform for secure and simple provisioning, management and networking of TOOQ’s innovative edge and IoT retail analytics solutions. By embedding NetFoundry’s programmable networking into its solutions as cloud orchestrated software, TOOQ ensured its innovative retail AI analytics solutions are secure and reliable. The solution eliminates the complexity and limitations of on-site hardware deployments, firewall configuration, VPNs, private mobile APNs, dedicated circuits, bastion hosts and jump servers.

“As a world class innovator, TOOQ was born to capture, analyze and provide data points that facilitate data driven decision making to improve the productivity of our retail customers. Our partnership with NetFoundry is accelerating our ability to design and deliver innovative new solutions to our customers”, said Ronaldo Moura, CEO, TOOQ Solutions. “By integrating NetFoundry’s Edge and IoT Platform into our analytics solutions deployed at the edge, TOOQ is transforming the retail industry in Brazil by delivering unique insights into customer behavior powered with live data.”

With the TOOQ platform measuring in store traffic patterns and flows, retailers can develop an understanding of their store conversions, customer behavior patterns, and in store journey rates. TOOQ develops edge to cloud technology ecosystems that integrate software, intelligence, and edge connectivity. Devices are deployed to multiple edge locations to capture data and securely exchange this data with TOOQ’s AI and ML engines running in multiple clouds.

NetFoundry Founder and CEO Galeal Zino stated “We admire TOOQ’s relentless drive to build innovative, powerful solutions for retailers, and are proud TOOQ selected NetFoundry. Embedding secure provisioning, management, and networking into TOOQ’s solutions, as pure software, means that TOOQ and TOOQ customers get security, agility, and reliability without being handcuffed to hardware, networks, or clouds. Instead, they control a programmable stack so can continue to innovate”.

Other industry leaders who picked NetFoundry for their edge, IoT and IIoT solutions include: Microsoft’s Azure Stack Edge solution, Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge solution, IMS Evolve’s IoT and Edge solutions, AlefEdge’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge, and the UK Government’s Connected Digital Supply Chain Initiative.  Organizations can start instantly with fully managed SaaS services – NetFoundry’s Network Platform as a Service (NPaaS) solutions in which NetFoundry manages all underlying infrastructure, while the organization controls it via software, APIs and SDKs.  Removing the on-site provisioning and management, infrastructure deployments and VPN/APN/firewall management usually saves organizations at least 40%.  Further savings are realized by reducing the possibilities and impacts of security breaches by moving to a zero trust architecture. Organizations can also use Ziti open source to build their own solutions (Ziti is the software which NetFoundry NPaaS is built on – NetFoundry open sourced it and is the leading contributor).

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About TOOQ Solutions

We are experts in delivering smart solutions to customers with high data flows that need agile and secure responses for making assertive decisions for their business. Our DNA is for building innovative platforms that integrate the best technologies, allowing high volume processing at a competitive cost. Analysis, development, and communication allow for true innovation. Each challenge is unique and requires a process that sustains its business model within a market with increasingly short cycles. That is why TOOQ develops technology ecosystems integrating software, intelligence and communication with human intelligence to build innovations to provide our customers with a continuous flow of value.

About NetFoundry

NetFoundry is the leader in enabling application providers and businesses to simply, securely and cost effectively connect distributed applications across any set of edges and clouds. The NetFoundry platform and NPaaS service are accessed via web consoles, CLI, APIs, SDKs and DevOps tools integrations, enabling practitioners, application developers, and network administrators to get the levels of automation and agility they need. NetFoundry Inc. is a remote-first company, with its largest pod in Charlotte, North Carolina, and customers and partners in APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

Twitter: @NetFoundry



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