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Press Release -- April 29th, 2020
Source: Huawei

China Unicom (Beijing) and Huawei Jointly Release Industry’s First eAI-accelerated Education Broadband to Reshape Online Home Education Experience in F5G Era

[Beijing, China, April 28, 2020] China Unicom (Beijing) and Huawei have released the first eAI-accelerated education broadband in China, providing gigabit high-speed broadband for students in Beijing. The embedded AI (eAI) technology reduces the latency of online education services by more than 50%, and ensures a smooth online learning experience in the fifth generation fixed network (F5G) era.

Online education is increasingly popular as a convenient teaching method and high-quality teaching resource favored by parents. As the number of people receiving online education in China reaches 300 million, network quality is becoming the key to ensuring a premium education experience for teachers and students alike. Approximately 20% to 30% of online education participants experience frame freezing or disconnection, which severely affects the online learning experience. The major causes include low Wi-Fi bandwidth and high latency on the home network side, which cannot meet the resolution requirements of current 1K and future 2K/4K online education.

As a leading operator in Beijing, China Unicom (Beijing) proactively communicates with the municipal education commission, public schools, and training institutions to understand the requirements of different education scenarios in this pandemic. Understanding that online education requires high bandwidth in both upstream and downstream directions, China Unicom (Beijing) chose Huawei’s eAI-accelerated education broadband solution to provide students with convergent gigabit broadband in both wired and wireless modes, thereby reshaping the online education experience. Huawei’s eAI-accelerated education broadband solution has four key advantages: zero frame freezing, Wi-Fi penetrating one more wall, instant fault recovery, and reduced carbon emissions equivalent to one tree planted.

  •  Zero frame freezing in online courses: Huawei’s unique OptiXstar gigabit smart education gateway integrates eAI and can instantly identify online education services to perform targeted acceleration, reducing latency by more than 50% and ensuring smooth online education.
  •  Penetrating one more wall: Industry-leading high-gain antennas and intelligent anti-interference algorithms allow Wi-Fi signals to penetrate one more wall, ensuring zero frame freezing in online classes, even under severe interference.
  •  Instant fault recovery: The NCE intelligent O&M platform makes home Wi-Fi network visible and supports remote optimization to reduce home network faults, enable quick troubleshooting, as well as ensure students’ online education experience.
  •  Reduced carbon emissions equivalent to one tree planted: The intelligent hibernation mechanism reduces power consumption by 20%. The carbon emission reduced for each user per year is equivalent to planting a tree.

Mr. Zhang Yunyong, General Manager of China Unicom’s Product Center

Zhang Yunyong, General Manager of China Unicom’s Product Center, said: “Today, we released the Education Broadband as a step to upgrade our products and services. Further innovative products will be released in future to meet personalized network requirements of various user groups. China Unicom is committed to promoting the prosperity and development of the telecom industry together with partners across the industry chain. The current education broadband will bring a new service experience to the online education industry.”

Mr. Qin Yang, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom (Beijing)

Qin Yang, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom (Beijing), said, “We are dedicated to providing users with a superior experience using innovative technologies. The education broadband released using Huawei’s eAI and big data technologies will provide students in Beijing with the same smooth education without requiring them to be physically present in classrooms.”

Jeffrey Zhou, President of Huawei’s Access Network Product Line, said: “The F5G gigabit era has come. High-quality online education experience requires zero frame freezing, zero disconnection, higher bandwidth, lower latency, and wider coverage. In the future, home network services also need to be more secure, agile, and energy efficient. The OptiXstar gigabit smart gateway launched by Huawei will reshape the online education experience and make online learning more efficient.”

The new education broadband product can be subscribed to at customer service centers and the online service app at China Unicom (Beijing).

China Unicom is an official partner of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. Its education broadband product has attracted extensive attention from consumers, and has set a new benchmark for home network services, paving the way for a new round of online education. As a global leader in the optical access industry, Huawei focuses on user experience and service requirements in the F5G era to continuously make innovations in key technologies. Huawei’s ongoing investment in product R&D provides industry-leading end-to-end solutions. In addition, Huawei cooperates with operators and other industry partners to explore new service scenarios and business models to enable the entire industry to enter the gigabit all-optical era.

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