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Press Release -- August 19th, 2019
Source: AT&T

The purpose of a corporation – the commitment of AT&T

The purpose of a corporation – the commitment of AT&T

Since 2009, Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson has worked with chief executives from across the country as part of the Business Roundtable (BRT) to promote a thriving U.S. economy for all Americans.

And today, the BRT released its new statement on the Purpose of a Corporation. This statement reflects, underlines and clarifies the BRT’s commitment to a broader set of stakeholders – not just shareholders – to encompass customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Randall was among 181 leaders to sign the statement and commit to furthering the efforts here at AT&T, where we have long felt and followed this purpose.

At AT&T, we see the idea of a “stakeholder” holistically, and our commitment to our employees, suppliers and communities is something we live each day through our values and mission to inspire human progress.

Whether it be through community engagement initiatives (like AT&T Believes or Xandr Cares); investments in education and training (like AT&T Aspire and WarnerMedia’s production assistant programs); or solutions developed to help create a better, more environmentally sustainable world, our approach is based on the core belief that AT&T’s long-term business success is tied to the strength and health of our communities.

“In a rapidly changing economy, it’s our goal at AT&T to invest in our people and communities to help create a future that better serves us all,” Randall said. “This new statement by the Business Roundtable ensures corporations across the country are committed to the same.”

This new statement underscores our commitment to:

Delivering value to our customers.
Investing in our employees.
Supporting the communities in which we work.
Generating long-term value for shareholders, who provide the capital that allows companies to invest, grow and innovate.
Dealing fairly and ethically with our suppliers.
You can read more about the BRT’s Purpose of a Corporation here.

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