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Press Release -- April 16th, 2019
Source: expereo

Expereo expands mobile connectivity at a global level, adding services such as 5G connectivity

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, April 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Expereo, global provider of managed network solutions, has announced a major country expansion and technology improvement to their mobile internet services portfolio. The service already used all existing mobile access technologies and now also includes 5G. Expereo customers will benefit from lower latency, higher throughput and increased bandwidth resulting in improved application performance and user productivity.

Rene de Baerdemaeker, Director Supplier Management at Expereo, comments: “Global enterprises and governments expect from their preferred vendors that new technologies are rapidly onboarded so that they can take advantage of the benefits the new technologies bring to their businesses.

“Because of strong relationships with our technology partners and our agile in-house developed system we can rapidly test and onboard new technologies and make them available to our customers.

“Mobile connectivity fits very well into an internet underlay design for SD-WAN and cloud access. Ensuring that businesses can be flexible and fast, that they have a redundant internet solution ensuring site and application availability. Mobile Connectivity and now enhanced with 5G are going to be a key part of Expereo’s portfolio moving forward, allowing us to provide more robust Managed Global Internet.”

Changes will be made to the underlying infrastructure of Expereo’s SD-WAN and Global Internet services. SD-WAN is a manageable overlay for networks, allowing users to control how traffic is behaving, where it’s going and how it is optimised. To reap the full benefits of an SD-WAN primary network, 5G can be integrated as a solution for maintaining optimum performance.

In order for SD-WAN to function well, it should be given as many connection options as possible. A typical setup might combine dedicated fibre, broadband connectivity and a 4G wireless solution – but would consume a great deal of data. Instead, Expereo will use 5G to deliver services on a mobile connectivity platform that are almost identical in performance to fixed-line, terrestrial services, whenever it’s available.

Always Switched On
Businesses that require higher availability within a network – a certain amount of additional certainty to prevent errors or delays in internet connectivity – will also benefit from the expansion. For instance, the oil and gas industry often demands multiple access connections to create redundancy. Additional services like 5G, or even 4G, can be added to the underlay of an SD-WAN design and provide a safety net for these businesses, maintaining productivity in the event of fixed line drop outs.

Global Internet
Whether a network is deployed in Mongolia, Amsterdam or New York City, all users should be able to use corporate and cloud applications seamlessly no matter their location. By adding mobile services such as 5G, Expereo plans to further enhance total network reliability and availability worldwide.

Due to the continued adoption of corporate cloud applications and SD-WAN technologies, Global Internet services have become the commercially effective connectivity option for businesses. Construction companies require seamless mobile connectivity in remote locations to establish employee WiFi or operate security cameras. Likewise, retail organisations that establish pop ups or an alternate point of sales will benefit from the fast-paced flexibility of a 5G network, with the ability to reach new sites as soon as possible.

High quality, global internet performance is a necessity in the digital age. Expereo can provide a single support entry point for over 190 countries in the world, with on-site installation and feet on the street whenever needed.

About Expereo
Expereo is a global provider of managed Internet network, SD-WAN and cloud connectivity solutions. Expereo’s XDN portfolio presents Global Internet Connectivity (GIaaS), Global Cloud Acceleration and BGP Optimization (XCA), SD-WAN Managed Services and Xpertise – global professional, managed and field services for Internet solutions. With an unmatched global reach, Expereo powers 12,000+ enterprise and government sites in 190+ countries, helping our customers improve productivity and empowering the network and cloud with the agility, flexibility and value of the Internet, with optimal performance.
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Georgia Dawson, Account Manager
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