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Press Release -- August 12th, 2016
Source: Evoswitch


EvoSwitch, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative cloud-neutral data center services, today announced that AMS-IX, the world’s largest Internet Exchange based in Amsterdam, has awarded it with its Gold status as partner, for the third consecutive year. AMS-IX awards its Gold and Silver statuses at the end of each year to those partners who drive new network customers and port uptake to facilitate the growth of the Exchange.

Since 2012, EvoSwitch has been home to AMS-IX which plays a strategic role in its ecosystems of customers. First and foremost, AMS-IX facilitates the exchange of Internet traffic between content providers, content distribution networks and ISPs who colocate their networks and content inside EvoSwitch’s AMS1 data center, or any of the other data centers in the Amsterdam metropolitan area where AMS-IX has a presence.

“For 2016, we are looking to promote AMS-IX more with regards to Cloud interconnection,” says Eric Boonstra, EvoSwitch managing director. “Many Enterprise customers are looking to bypass the Internet to connect their private clouds to larger public clouds, locally or elsewhere. Our partnership with AMS-IX offers our customers secure, ultra-low latency and cost-efficient connection options to all major cloud platforms. Rather than building our own ‘Cloud exchange’, we believe that leveraging existing expertise and AMS-IX’ distributed infrastructure will ultimately benefit the entire Cloud ecosystem in Amsterdam.”

“We are very happy to have EvoSwitch among our Gold partners again for 2016”, says Mark Cooper, CCO, AMS-IX. “Our joint success highlights the importance of partners in our ecosystem, and we look forward to deepening our relationship further in 2016, specifically around Cloud interconnection.”

AMS-IX traffic at EvoSwitch AMS1 recently broke through the 500 Gigabits per second threshold, highlighting its role as an interconnection hub for the Amsterdam region. This excludes all direct interconnection traffic between EvoSwitch customers. Currently EvoSwitch manages more than ten thousand physical interconnections between its customers.

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