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Press Release -- June 15th, 2016
Source: varnish-software

SFR Telecommunications Increases CDN Performance and Profits with Private CDN Built on Varnish Plus

Leading French telecommunications company turns to Varnish Plus and Varnish Massive Storage Engine as backbone of DIY CDN

Oslo, London, Stockholm, Paris and New York – June 14, 2016 – Varnish Software, a leader in high-performance content delivery, today announced that France’s SFR telecommunications (Société francaise du radiotéléphone) has deployed Varnish Plus as the backbone of its private content delivery network (CDN). By building its own CDN on Varnish Plus and the Varnish Massive Storage Engine, SFR has been able to reduce costs for itself and increase CDN performance for its customers, thereby increasing overall profit from its services.

A global operator, SFR holds a prime position in all of France’s telecommunications market segments, from consumer to B2B, local authorities and wholesale.

With a website that is one of the top-ten most-visited sites in France, SFR needed to reduce the high costs of handling so much traffic. SFR decided that building and managing its own CDN was the best way to reduce costs, bring control in-house and to then offer its CDN solution onward to customers.

Deploying Varnish Plus helped SFR achieve several positive results:

Security and support – SFR relies on Varnish Software professional support to get rapid and responsive expertise whenever they encounter configuration issues.

High-performance driving bottom line – The better and faster its CDN performs, the more content SFR is able to deliver and the more they can invoice customers. Improved performance has also decreased customers’ bottom lines by decreasing their infrastructure costs.

Customization – With the flexibility of Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), SFR can easily tailor its CDN with additional functionality by writing VMODs to extend the capabilities of Varnish Plus.

Return on investment – By improving its online store response time while also eliminating the costs associated with their Akamai CDNs, SFR offers a full-featured, best-performing CDN to external clients, such as leading e-commerce sites, video providers and TV channels. SFR’s DIY CDN solution has not only delivered ROI for themselves but also, by extension, to many of their customers.

“Varnish Software’s core developers have been immediately responsive and have resolved any issues with our Varnish installations and configurations very quickly. We can count on their expertise to help us optimize,” said Thierry Magnien, service platforms expert, SFR.

“Varnish Software provides the software, services and know-how to help companies like SFR Telecommunications break away from their existing CDN providers and build their own CDN platform,” said Per Buer, founder and CTO of Varnish Software. “For SFR, which is a service provider itself, having full control over its CDN platform has helped the company improve the quality of services it provides to its customers while also increasing its bottom line.”

SFR Group combines a top-tier fiber optics network and a leading mobile network and aims to rapidly extend its fiber and 4G coverage to every corner of the country while offering optimal service quality. Serving more than 190,000 businesses through its B2B business, SFR also serves 21.9 million mobile customers and 6.4 million households subscribing to broadband services.

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