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Press Release -- April 1st, 2015
Source: Huawei

Huawei Launches Industry’s First NGFW Card for Data Center Switches, Achieving Deep Network and Security Convergence

[Nanjing, China, April 1, 2015] Huawei today launched its Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) card on CE12800 series switches, the industry’s first NGFW card developed for data center switches. This NGFW card has been tested and verified by The Tolly Group, a world-renowned test authority. The test results demonstrate that the NGFW card delivers industry-leading performance and a high throughput of up to 40 Gbps, supports up to 12 million concurrent connections, and can be virtualized into 1,024 virtual firewalls.

The rapid development of cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile boosts the growth of data centers. Nevertheless, the scaling data and the aggregation of core services makes data centers one of the top targets for hackers. Ensuring a high Return on Investment (ROI) and reduced data center construction costs while enhancing data center security has become a hot topic in the field of data centers.

To help customers address these challenges, Huawei launches its NGFW card on CE12800 data center switches. This NGFW card features strong security capabilities of Huawei’s NGFW devices, achieving comprehensive threat defense and precise application access control. Through a dedicated software and hardware platform architecture, the NGFW card delivers the industry’s highest defense performance. Huawei’s CE12800 data center switches are the world’s highest-performing data center switches, delivering a maximum of 64 Tbps switching capacity per chassis, with 4 Tbps bandwidth per slot. Working with the NGFW card, the CE12800 is able to implement both data switching and security protection functions. By leveraging the CE12800 together with the NGFW card, data centers can become more efficient and secure than ever before.

Before launching its NGFW card, Huawei invited The Tolly Group to perform an all-around, strict test on it. The test results demonstrate the following:

1. The NGFW card can be seamlessly integrated in Huawei’s CE12800 data center switches, achieving simple deployment and elastic scalability.

2. In addition to basic firewall functions, the NGFW card also supports application-layer network security features such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), antivirus (AV), anti-spam, and web filtering.

3. The NGFW card delivers a high throughput of up to 40 Gbps, supports up to 12 million concurrent connections, and can be virtualized into 1,024 virtual firewalls.

“The Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) card on Huawei CE12800 series switches is developed for data center switches. It features flexible scalability and comprehensive threat protection capability. The test results show that the security card can accommodate the requirements of data center networks for high security performance and flexible scalability,” said Zach Schaffer, Director of Operations, The Tolly Group. “In addition, the security card is capable of substantially reducing customers’ network maintenance costs. We are convinced that customers who want to purchase data center switches will be very interested in our test results of this type of security cards.”

Yu Li, Vice President, Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, said, “The rollout of Huawei’s CE12800 data center switch NGFW card marks a more complete Huawei data center network product portfolio. The NGFW card enables deep convergence of network and security, ensuring a high ROI while lowering network construction costs. Moreover, network and security devices can be managed in a unified manner, which helps customers to improve management of multiple systems from different vendors.”

Huawei’s NGFW Card on CE12800 Series Data Center Switches

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