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Press Release -- March 8th, 2015
Source: Alianza

Alianza Introduces Telco Voice Transformation Solution

Cloud Voice Platform powers cost reduction and new revenue growth;
to be showcased this week at NTCA RTIME 2015

Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo, Phoenix, March 9, 2015Alianza, the cloud voice platform company, today introduced a telco voice transformation solution designed to power new revenue and significantly reduce cost and complexity for existing voice services. Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform powers this solution aimed at telcos and broadband operators. Alianza is an NTCA Associate Member and will be showcasing the solution at the 2015 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME) in booth 526.

Incumbent and competitive telcos face many challenges relative to the state of the voice market and their aging voice networks. Traditional vendors are now urging these providers to transform their networks with softswitches and network functions virtualization (NFV) VoIP solutions. While promising cost savings, they do not go far enough. They also require significant capital expenditures and add substantial complexity, delays and organizational distractions.

Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform provides a comprehensive, tightly integrated VoIP solution that is easy to manage and provides a success-based SaaS business model to maximize margins and reduce risks for residential and business VoIP services. With the cloud, voice becomes an app over telco broadband networks without requiring cumbersome infrastructure. Alianza’s EasySwitch migration program will facilitate a smooth transition from legacy and end-of-life solutions to the cloud.

Key capabilities of the telco voice transformation solution include:

  • Elastic NFV technology core for scale and agility
  • Intuitive web Admin Portal and REST APIs for back-office integration and process automation
  • Active-active architecture to ensure service availability
  • Operational tools lifecycle management of voice services and subscribers
  • Customizable feature set to support residential and business services
  • Flexible carrier services options
  • User-centric model with voice delivery to any network, any device including extending services over mobile and WiFi

CLECs, ILECs and RLECs can use the Cloud Voice Platform for multiple applications that reduce total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent and drive new revenue, including:

  • Launch new business VoIP services (e.g., hosted IP PBX and SIP trunking)
  • Power CLEC geographic expansion
  • Augment FTTx with VoIP
  • Replace end-of-life TDM and VoIP 1.0 voice solutions
  • Migrate from TDM to IP
  • Consolidate redundant or overlapping systems due to mergers and acquisitions onto a single universal voice solution

“The time has come to stop delivering voice the same old way,” commented Kevin Mitchell, Alianza’s Vice President, Marketing and Product. “With our Cloud Voice Platform, telcos can now cloud source their next voice network and positively transform their business model, enhance the service experience and accelerate the realization of their strategic goals.”
Today, Alianza also unveiled the Telco Transformation: Voice Moves to the Cloud eBook that outlines the justifications and use cases for cloud voice platforms for telcos. Download your free copy.

About Alianza

Alianza radically transforms communications delivery so that service providers thrive with superior economics, feature set and control. Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform provides a zero-CAPEX, high-margin, low-risk solution and is designed specifically to meet the full range of voice requirements for service providers. The turnkey wholesale solution enables cable, mobile, telco and other broadband providers to rapidly launch and profit from residential and business VoIP services. It’s a new way to deliver voice service that untangles operators from the restraints of old-school voice networks and frees up resources to accelerate strategic initiatives. The power of Alianza’s cloud means lower total cost of ownership and a clear business case for VoIP. Learn more about Alianza at and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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