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Press Release -- December 3rd, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Recommends Industry’s First List of Cyber Security Requirements for Selecting ICT Vendors

Dec 03, 2014 18:00

[Berlin, Germany, December 3, 2014]: In its latest cyber security white paper, Cyber Security Perspectives – 100 Requirements When Considering End-to-End Cyber Security with Your Technology Vendors, Huawei outlines the industry’s first list of end-to-end requirements buyers must consider when assessing vendor cyber security capabilities. In a previous paper released last year, Huawei called on corporations to embed cyber security in a corporate-wide context and stressed the development of global cyber security standards.

Huawei CSO John Suffolk speaks at the TOP 100 launch

Over the past year, more countries have taken a pragmatic approach to cyber security. As a result, standards relating to enterprises, governments, and end users have been gradually formulated. Driving the next phase, specifically involving the development of an accepted set of cyber security standards especially for hardware and software manufacturers, Huawei’s white paper recommends 100 requirements for buyers across 11 key areas including: strategy governance and control; standards and processes; laws and regulations; human resources; research and development; verification; third-party supplier management; manufacturing; delivering services securely; issue, defect and vulnerability resolution; and finally audit.

At a launch conference announcing the recommendations, Bruce McConnell, Senior Vice President of leading international think tank EastWest Institute, remarked, “Huawei’s report provides much needed support for addressing one of the most vexing problems in cyber security today. The list of questions across 11 categories provides a strong foundation for valuable dialogue between customers and their vendors and suppliers.”

John Suffolk, Huawei’s Global Cyber Security Officer, said, “In almost every walk of life Governments, regulators, industry and consumers have worked together to improve product quality and safety, yet in the security safety of ICT this has not really happened. We hope our white paper will go some way to start this process”

To view Huawei’s white paper in full, please visit:

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