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Press Release -- November 4th, 2014
Source: Telecom Italia Sparkle

Telecom Italia Sparkle Group through its Mediterranean operations MedNautilus and Israel’s largest Insurance Group Clal, announce a strategic agreement on new Disaster Recovery site

Clal’s third Disaster Recovery site is located outside of Israel to provide additional data protection

Tel Aviv, Rome, November 4, 2014

Telecom Italia Sparkle Group through its Mediterranean operations MedNautilus, and Clal Group, one of the largest insurance and finance companies in Israel, announce a strategic, long term, agreement for the establishment of Clal’s third Disaster Recovery site.

This agreement follows Israel recently adopted regulation to promote the establishment of remote third Disaster Recovery sites for data storage and backup by institutional investors.

Clal’s new Disaster Recovery site is established in one of TI Sparkle Group’s facilities outside of Israel to provide an additional layer of protection against data loss.

TI Sparkle through MedNautilus is the only provider in Israel and in the Mediterranean capable of offering an international disaster recovery site in fully owned Data Centers located overseas and directly connected through a proprietary and fully protected ring-configured submarine cables system.

Through this agreement with TI Sparkle Group, Clal receives an end-to-end seamless service from a single provider and at the closest possible location to the cable landing station overseas, thus avoiding any foreign third party supplier and reducing overall service costs and risk.

TI Sparkle Group owns several datacenters in the Mediterranean, including three in Greece, one in Turkey and one in Sicily, which host local and large multinational corporations and banks. Such datacenters are located in the proximity of the landing stations of its advanced, top quality, fully protected Mediterranean ring-configured submarine cable network connecting Israel, Cyprus, Turkey and Italy with Western Europe and the US.

Such Network and Data Center configuration and ownership allows MedNautilus to offer a seamless and cost efficient end to end service to customers seeking to locate disaster recovery sites outside Israel.


About Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd

Established: 1987 – For over three decades, Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd. has provided Israel with comprehensive insurance solution, investments and pensions to private and corporate clients.

Line of Business: Insurance, including Long Term Savings, Non-Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Financial Services.

The Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Group is part of the IDB Group. The IDB Group owns 55% of its shares, while Bank Hapoalim holds 10%, with the rest held by the public at large. Clal’s shares are traded on the Tel Aviv stock Exchange The Clal Group holds a 19% share of the insurance market and manages hundreds of billions of Shekel-denominated assets.

Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings (“Clal”) is rated A- by Standard & Poor’s Maalot.

The group owns insurance agencies, pension funds, provident funds, advanced training funds, loan companies and financial asset management companies. The group has about 4,000 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All these activities place Clal as Israel’s leading insurance, pension, and financial services group.

About Telecom Italia Sparkle
Telecom Italia Sparkle S.p.A. (TI Sparkle) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia Group (NYSE:TI) with the mission to develop and consolidate the Italian telco’s international services business.  As a leading global carrier, TI Sparkle offers a full range of IP, bandwidth, mobile data and voice solutions to fixed and mobile operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), Media and Content providers and to Multinational enterprises. Its sales force is active worldwide and distributed over 39 countries.

Find out more about Telecom Italia Sparkle at or

About MedNautilus

MedNautilus is the Mediterranean operations of the Telecom Italia Sparkle Group and is the only telecommunication submarine cable backbone with a ring configuration in the Mediterranean since 2001. The MedNautilus network provides end-to-end connectivity from the eastern part of the Mediterranean to major destinations in Europe and is the leading connectivity solutions provider in the region. It uses state-of-the-art DWDM technology offering seamless connectivity between Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel and Cyprus by way of a 7,500 km backbone and is able to extend its reach to major cities in Europe, North America and the world thanks to protected interconnections with Telecom Italia Sparkle Pan-European and Global Backbones.

TI Sparkle Media Contact:

Filippo Sanpaolesi

TI Sparkle Communication


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