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Press Release -- November 4th, 2014
Source: Huawei

Huawei Showcases Leading Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution at VMware vForum 2014 China

Making Cloud Computing Easier Than Ever

[Beijing, China, November 3, 2014]: Huawei today showcased its industry-leading Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution and CloudEngine 12800 (CE12800) series high-performance data center switches at the VMware vForum 2014 China, where it also participated as a platinum sponsor (Booth No.: P07-08). At this prestigious conference, Huawei met with customers, analysts, and media that focus on cloud computing data centers. Huawei’s Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution supports end-to-end, automatic, and rapid deployment of cloud services by integrating computing, storage, and network resources to help enterprises build cloud computing data centers faster and more cost efficiently.

The aim of VMware vForum 2014 China is to build an open platform for attendees to discuss the latest virtualization and automatic deployment technologies, as well as the deployment of these innovative technologies in cloud computing data centers. At the conference, Huawei showcased its Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution’s and its most innovative feature, which is its ability to seamlessly connect with mainstream cloud platforms across the industry including Huawei’s very own FusionSphere, VMware’s cloud platform, Microsoft’s Cloud OS, and OpenStack to offer unified ICT resources.

On Huawei’s partnerships, Yu Li, Vice President of Huawei’s Switch & Enterprise Communications Product Line, said, “Huawei is committed to working with partners in the cloud ecosystem, such as VMware, to build a fully integrated cloud service system that integrates computing, storage, and network resources in data centers to unify the virtual and physical worlds of data centers. This supports multi-cloud connectivity and cloud-based network migration to make cloud computing easier than ever.”

Huawei also demonstrated two new innovative solutions jointly developed with VMware that leverage Huawei’s Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution and VMware’s cloud platform and network virtualization platform:

  • Hybrid Fabric Network Virtualization Solution: The solution demonstrates Huawei’s CloudEngine (CE) series data center switches deployed as Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) gateways for traditional servers, supporting the convergence of traditional servers with VMware’s VXLAN network and highly efficient inter-access between traditional servers and VXLAN servers. Huawei’s unique Agile Controller is also used as a data center network controller, which schedules and manages the VXLAN gateways in a unified manner and connects to VMware’s virtual network controller merging both the control plane and data plane with VMware’s virtualized network. Through joint innovation and development, Huawei and VMware has built a Hybrid Fabric (hardware network and software network) network virtualization solution that features excellent hardware performance and software flexibility, and high scalability, supporting up to 16M tenants.
  • Online Virtual Machine (VM) Network Policy Migration Solution: The solution shows Huawei’s Agile Controller as the data center network controller connecting to VMware’s VM management platform vCenter through open application programming interfaces (APIs). This demonstrates that VMs migration, the online migration of network policies will be implemented simultaneously through the Agile Controller, and network configurations will be delivered automatically to Huawei’s CE series data center switches. The collaboration between the vCenter and the Agile Controller creates synergy in ICT resources and enables on-demand network policy migration between Huawei’s Cloud Fabric Data Center Network and VMware’s VMs.

In addition to the Cloud Fabric Data Center Network Solution, Huawei also showcased the CE12800 series data center switches, which are its data center network flagship products. The CE12800 adopts an advanced hardware architecture design that meets requirements for developing cloud computing data centers. The CE12800 provides a maximum of 64 Tbps switching capacity per chassis, with 4 Tbps bandwidth per slot. It also supports 192x100GE, 384x40GE, or 1,536x10GE full-line-speed ports. The CE12800 also adopts a leading Clos switch fabric architecture and a patented, strict front-to-back airflow design to deliver industrial-grade reliability, full-scale virtualization capabilities, and rich data center features. As the next-generation data center core switch, the CE12800 leverages multiple energy-saving technologies to significantly reduce the power consumption of devices.

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