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Press Release -- June 24th, 2014
Source: sipartech

Neutral and independent dark fiber operator SIPARTECH reaches 1,000km of deployed cables and 550 connected buildings in the Paris region.

June 24, 2014

Sipartech, the sole neutral and independent dark fiber operator to have deployed its network over Paris and its region, announces it has reached the 1,000 km of deployed cables milestone during Q1 2014 and has connected 550 buildings.

As a neutral and independent infrastructure operator, SIPARTECH enables every type of users (Corporate, Telco, Datacenters…) to access its network which serves Paris, the first suburban ring, along with many corporate hotspots further away from the French capital.

Thanks to the density of its infrastructure, Sipartech enables its clients to manage their own very high speed network and to have access to the many datacenters connected by SIPARTECH.

The dark fiber offering from SIPARTECH lets companies enjoy the full benefits of managing one’s own telecom network: virtually unlimited bandwidth thanks to multiplexing solutions (from 1 Gbit/s to  800+ Gbit/s), low latency, non-shared fibers (hence fully dedicated to the company), maximum security of the cables.

SIPARTECH’s innovative offering which reduces companies’ telecom-related expenses will be the drivers of its continued growth towards the 2,000 connected building mark that SIPARTECH plans to reach by the end of 2016.

Founded in August 2008, Sipartech is a neutral and independent dark fiber operator which serves its variety of clients with offerings tailored to their connectivity needs including towards buildings and existing or upcoming datacenters. Its proprietary 1,000km network has 1,850 interconnection points in Paris and the surrounding areas.

SIPARTECH is a family-owned company which raised capital twice. During the latest round in 2012,

SIPARTECH raised 10 millions euros. The investment fund CICLAD along with NJJ Capital the private holding of Xavier Niel are amongst its shareholders.

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