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Press Release -- June 8th, 2014
Source: Verizon

Four Reasons Verizon Voice-over-IP Just Got Even Better

Here’s a scenario that may sound familiar. It’s Father’s Day and you need to find a thoughtful gift delivered fast, only you’re on the opposite coast and the big day is…tomorrow. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. Millions of consumers typically wait until the last minute to begin shopping for most holidays and this one is no different. So what to do now?

You’ll likely begin calling golf/grilling/tie specialty stores until you find one where you can get through quickly to an associate without being put on hold with long wait times in the queue. In the end, you find something respectable with a local retailer who can even deliver it to dad on time. Mission accomplished!

Despite the influx of last minute orders, this easy-to-do-business with retailer likely has a phone system, such as Voice-over-IP for the enterprise, which makes it possible to handle large call volumes in a timely fashion.

How Voice-over-IP works

Voice-over-IP, which simply boils down to making voice calls over the Internet, continues to grow in popularity with organizations given the economics of bypassing traditional phone networks.

Several years ago Verizon introduced a game changer to its Voice-over-IP (VoIP) portfolio called BEST –Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunks. Essentially, BEST allows organizations to better manage their local and long-distance call volume traffic by sharing capacity on demand across their entire enterprise whether using a centralized hub or a decentralized design that can benefit every location in a chain operation.

Why VoIP matters

Cost savings and productivity improvements remain primary drivers for organizations that make the shift to VoIP. Operational efficiencies, scalability and low overall total cost of ownership are also significant factors however, along with global consistency, and the enablement of new unified communications and collaboration applications.

Verizon Takes VoIP to the next level

Now, we have raised the bar by rolling out BEST + available to Verizon IP Trunking and IP Integrated Access customers around the globe, which allows organizations to dynamically exceed their concurrent call limit during peak times such as Father’s Day shopping or when experiencing unexpected bursts of traffic such as during a snowstorm or other major weather event.

According to Tom Dalrymple, director of marketing at Verizon, here are four reasons that Verizon’s VoIP BEST+ offering can help organizations raise their own bar:

  1. Improve Customer Service: An organization can mitigate the risk of blocked calls which generally do not go over well with consumers, and instead enhance their customer service image.
  2. Improve Cost Efficiencies: A network can be architected to cost effectively support unexpected spikes in traffic instead of having to pay for idle reserve capacity.
  3. Increase Business Agility: Organizations now have the ability to dynamically support their VoIP network needs. Concurrent call levels can be defined holistically across an enterprise, instead of by hubs or at the location level.
  4. Enhance revenue opportunity: By not missing out on calls and sending customers into the waiting arms of a competitor, an organization can potentially see additional revenue.

Dalrymple added, “Verizon continues to enhance and expand its VoIP capabilities to deliver a powerful platform for unified communications and collaboration. With BEST+, organizations can go into peak call times with the assurance that callers will get through in a timely manner which will mean more satisfied customers and better business opportunities.”

Read about Verizon Enterprise Solution’s Unified Communications and Collaboration portfolio for more information.

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